Monday, May 09, 2011

pups-date 7 weeks

This week passed so quickly, I just can't catch up with my routine anymore! Brooke and Sonic turned 7 weeks on Saturday ... I am getting very sad, soon Brooke will join her new family. She is going to a fantastic home and I will get to see her a lot. These two hooligans keep me busy and entertain all the times and I grew to love them very much. And I even want to keep Brooke here, very much! They both are fantastic puppies.
Brooke, 7 weeks. She was born half the size of Sonic but is now 100g heavier than her brother!
 Sleeping beauty :) The only way to take a good still picture is when the pups are tired and fell asleep :-)
 always the cheeky one, Mai boy Sonic :)
 ... I am dozing off ... Zzzzz
 I was at the agility shows this weekend, Colin let the pups up to mischief, when I saw this picture he took, I nearly got heart attack!!!!! Well, no doubt Sonic will be liking agility very much, I hope!
 everything starts from a young age

it all started like this ...
 Brooke: I will catch you!
 Sonic: catch me if you can!
 Gotcha brother!
 Brooke: hehehe ... I am always the winner!!
 watch out Brooke!
 me and my shadow


Diana said...

They are so cute. I can only guess how they are keeping you hopping. That was a scary aflame picture!

Rosie Ison said...

I could almost be tempted to have a sheltie when I look at these photos. Totally Beautiful :-)

Sara said...

Oh boy, Sonic is fearless,kinda like another puppy I know. I keep catching him climbing up our ramp to our bed.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I too would've nearly had a heart attack seeing Sonic on the aframe! Guess he is truly a natural!

Priscilla said...

The header is gorgeous!
What did you feed Brooke that made her bigger than her brother now? She's a beauty and Sonic is so adorable too. He's a brave little boy!
An agility star is born!!!

Vonnie said...

LOL! Fantastic pics! They just look like little mischievious puppies :)