Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am spoilt

I am truly spoilt in the last couple of days!

First and foremost, Mai dream finally come true. I have my first ever home bred sheltie! Sonic lives up to his name being a real super sonic puppy. I have never dream of calling my pup Sonic. I have a list of names  for my puppies that I want to keep but why we chose Sonic? I guess this is all have to do with his posh name ... Licosateria Mai Rising Son. Colin wanted to call him Sony but I thought that sounds a bit girlie and one night, Sonic just pop into my mind and we both settled with the name.

Sonic is the most difficult puppy to wean off, he wouldn't eat the puppy food I gave him. I have tried virtually everything and anything but he will have a bite and walked off, this is why my clicker training with him is still on hold. I need a puppy that is greedy to be able to clicker train. I am very greatful that Sally and Paul kindly took Samber for me, so I can concentrate training Sonic. Since Samber go on holiday on Sunday, Sonic has been eating very well, he eats all his food in one go and never hesitate and look around. What a different it makes! And since Brooke left yesterday, he became more responsive to my recall but the cat beat me every single time! I am still not the "value" to him! I need to make myself the "value"! If you are following Susan Garrett's training blog, you know what I mean :)

He is joining the big boys gang since Brooke left. I let him run free in the house like I normally raise my pup. I think you got to trust them to be able to train them, that is my own concept. He slept in our bedroom last night with the others and he chose to go on Saturn's comfy big bed, so poor Saturn has to find a new place to sleep, I guess that is why he is on our bed all night last night. He was a good little boy, we went to bed around 10:30ish and I woke up around 5:15am and take him out to toilet and Bless his little heart, he was so good and did both toilet. His toilet train has been improved a lot since yesterday, probably it is easier to train him when he is on his own. We only have an accident so far, that was entirely my fault for being lazy.

 he chosen his daddy's reform bed underneath my office table :)

No, I have not done any training with him. We spent a lot of time playing and bonding. He is a mad footballer just like his daddy. He really like chasing the football and don't he scream in excitement? I think Brooke has taken on her daddy's tennis ball mad with her :) I have taken Sonic out on the Common last evening and this morning with the big boys. He loves the outdoor and was brave to meet some big dogs but unfortunately we met a bouncy young Golden Retriever that pounce into him and that made him scream and peed himself. Poor Boy! I hope he will erase the nasty experienced.

 here are some photos of the pups:
 with mama Samber, eventhough she is not a good mama but she is a good playmate to the pups

here are some with the daddy:

 Brooke: I want to be like you, daddy.

 Sonic: give me that ball

Oh, other than having Sonic, I was also spoilt with a couple of useful gadgets ... a Flip video and an iPhone 4.

I don't know what's wrong with my current video camera, Sanyo Xacti. My nephew bought me that for my birthday last year. It is a good little handy waterproof dual camera but just lately, some of the videos came out blurry. I must admit both Colin and I have been clumsy recently and it has dropped on the floor a far too many times. I hope that's not causing the blurry problem? If I am dropping a camera so many times, I don't really want to spend too much money on buying a new one, so I was looking to get a reasonable price user friendly video camera. There are a few agility friends I knew are using Flip, so I thought a Flip will do me as well. I got a good bargain on Amazon but I am a little disappointed that the zoom is only going so far, so we have problem video from a distance; and also it hasn't got an external memory! Mmmm ... am I being fussy or what?
 My Flip package

I've just received my iPhone 4 today :0) I had an old iPhone, the very first model. I only used it for emails when I am away from home. I like my old iPhone, it is so simple to use. I have a separate mobile just for calling and text messages only. I do not want a big phone like iPhone stuck in my pocket when I am running my dogs in the ring but just lately, I realised carrying two phones around is as much hassle as carrying a big phone. I decided it is time to change, so here I am joining the iPhone group.
 my new phone :)

What do I want next? An agility wall. Well, we don't have a wall to train at our Club.  Actually we did but we never have that out to train. Our Club is so basic that we only train on the normal jumps and contacts. I haven't got problem with the boys jumping anything but Sipzie is aware of something she doesn't know. When I watched back the video of her running at Beacon, the last obstacle is a wall and I knew I have to work it. I did work it and I can see that she was still hesitate about it. I think a wall would be good to train as the dog can't see anything if they have to turn left or right after the wall as the wall wings are thick and solid.

Sounded like I am getting greedier ...


Diana said...

Wow, sounds like such exciting things happening at your house. Have fun!!

Vonnie said...

Awwwww bless him! He is chnaging so much, handsome boy :) Good luck with the new gadgets!

Christine said...

Enjoy, look forward to meeting the latest member of the Knight Shelties :-)