Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sonic pup-date

So, Sonic is 9.5 weeks old now, where does all the time goes? Having him is another brand new chapter in my life! He is so different and "difficult" at the same time.  All these years, I brought home so many shelties and each one of them grew to attach to me; they follow me everywhere I go and they are like my shadow, never leave my side ... but Sonic, I guess being born here, he is so confident with all the surrounding and he is very independent. Brooke is different from him, she loves me and she like to jump on my lap whenever I get down on the floor with them, she will follow me everywhere ... just like the others.

I've trying very hard to get Sonic to "notice" me, don't get me wrong, he is very good with his name, he responded to it very well. He is not a foody dog, so our clicker training still didn't work out well at the moment. If I have a toy in one hand and yummy food in another hand, he will choose to play with the toy, whatever kind of toy that is! This is so much like my young Sing!

He is obsessed with CAT and POO BAG! He not only love our cat but also wanted to play with all cats he met at walk. I took him out last week to walk on the pavement and met a black cat. Unfortunately the cat was a little too friendly, he wanted to play with Sonic as well ... these two actually attracted so many passer by to watch them. I guess a lot of people still can't accept dog and cat can be friends! Whenever the cat is around, on sight, I will not get his attention but having said that, this evening, I managed to call him back from playing with the cat in the garden. A good sign, I hope!

His other passion is poo bag, whether a clean one or one that filled up with poo! I always have a handful of poo bag in my pocket, trouser pocket or fleece pocket and he knew it! If I am sitting down, he will come near me and pinch the poo bag from my pocket and run away. I can never catch him, he is so fast and cheeky. If I am standing up, when he saw the poo bad dangling out from my pocket, he will jump and try to get it. Believe me, he has spring on his legs just like his mama Samber!

As I have said, we done very little of clicker training, I am not rushing in teaching him anything. He is a very happy boy, a bit vocal, a bit bitey but very playful! I am enjoying him. He knew how to sit/down/touch and left & right. I think that is pretty good for him at this age. We do a lot of us racing each other whenever we are out and him charging up to me and grab his teddy tuggy! He loves this game. He is happy to chase anyone. We have him racing Matt & Rhoda (Brooke's daddy & mummy) at the Sheltie Camp. I think I need to work hard to get him to bond with me and focus on me only. He is a tug monster just like his daddy; I am working on the retrieve, he sometimes get it and most of the time DON'T! I guess he is only young ...

I still need to get his confident back meeting other dogs and people. He is still unsure after being "attack" by the Goldie last week. Sometimes, it make me thinks about this early socialisation! He was quite brave at the Sheltie Camp. There was a very nice Tervuren (Belgian Shepherd) Bertie at the Camp; he wanted to say hello to him all weekend but just not quite brave enough but by Sunday, he was getting closer to him. I took him to Pets at Home yesterday to buy some more toys (am I crazy?), we saw some dogs and he ran straight up to two Dachshund to say hello to them. WOW! That was so good, I was really pleased with that. We also saw some rabbits and guinea pigs and he was amused by them!

He absolutely loves the outdoor, he likes to go out with the big boys but he is too young to go out everyday ...

I noticed in the last couple of days that Sizzle finally "accepted" this little wild child, he will tease him and they both will bark at each other then ran away racing ... I am so worried about Sizzle as he has been jealous about the puppies. It is so good to see him playing with Sonic. Sipzie is still not very good with Sonic, I don't know why. She was an angel with Silky but never accepted this litter.

Sonic is also the only puppy that I can't trust OFF lead, all the others that joined us, I let them go off lead the first day I took them out walking and they always stay close by my side in whatever circumstances. Sonic is too bold and confident and I have no control over him YET! I have tried taking him out on his own, he was the same, he will run/walk away from me confidently and busy sniffing ... never really come back to me when called. I always attach a lightweight lead so I can catch him. Oh, another thing, I cannot catch my puppy! He would not let me catch him or he will never really come close to me ... I am working hard on this and this week, I can see the improvement ... he actually let me touch him! Jackpot! I have to learn to be patient!!


Nat said...

Sonic is such a cutie!

Sara said...

Chewy wasn't into treats/food much until week 10. Now he's obsessed with it!

Sonic is so cute, and I know he's keeping you on his toes.

Vonnie said...

Where does the time go! Gorgeous boy keeping you on your toes :) Shame about the incident with dog. Great see Sizzle playing with Sonic! Love the pic of Father & son :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sonic definitely has his own personality - he is still so young and will learn to come to you and will want to focus on you soon I am sure. Until then good luck because you certainly have your hands full - but he is such a cute puppy!