Monday, May 16, 2011

some agility on the weekend ...

We went to Littleport in Ely, Combridgeshire yesterday to do a bit of agility. I was hoping to meet up with Sally & Tig, so we arranged we will meet half way and do a bit of agility in between. I want Sally to see the pups before Brooke join her new family and at the same time, I want to see Sunny too ... she is staying with a friend in Norfolk and Sally got to see her a lot and she occasionally stays at hers for a little holiday.

Sunny has turned into a beautiful young lady. She is out of coat at the moment but she was doing very well in the show ring. She looks so much like her mum Sophie, she is just the mirror image of her mum. Sunny is very bouncy, happy with a lovely temperament, just like when she was with us.

this is Sunny without a coat :((((

The pups were travelling very well, it took us 2.5 hours to get there and 3 hours to get home, both Sonic and Brooke were very good. They are very good travllers, no mess for the entire journey. Thanks to Sally for being so considerate, she set up a nice garden area for them to play with. We parked not too far away from the ring so they still get to hear the noise of dogs barking and the see-saw banging on the ground. I think that is good enough for them at the moment.

I was a bit crazy about entering Sipzie, Sizzle and Saturn for 4 runs each. It was quite a small show and most of the classes were very small, before I knew it, I missed walking the classes and missed running my dogs! My concentration was on Sipzie yesterday. I knew I need to get her out from her "season blue" and great thanks to auntie Sally for helping to make it happened!

It was a big shamed that I missed Sipzie's Beginners Steeplechase I run, it was a qualifier, I am hoping to get into the Final with her. I knew if she is on form, we both can nail the course down easily. I didn't hear the course was being walk and by the time I checked with the ring, there were closing for Sipzie's height too. I was very upset and asked if they can tell me the course and I want to try to run. Sadly to say, the ring party wasn't friendly at all and won't tell me exactly where the course is, so I gave up as I do not want to run my dog under pressure especially a young dog like Sipzie.

I wasn't very happy with the environment yesterday either, there were some very "sour" people that take things too seriously. At one occasion, Colin was standing by the ring side about to video Sizzle's  Novice Steeplechase I run. Me and Sizzle were queuing behind a sheltie but the sheltie ran to say hello to Colin and Sipzie. I ran soon after that sheltie; Sizzle ran clear and I was rushing through the last jump, the previous sheltie owner was right in my face to tell me off, she said to me: Can you tell your husband not to stand here in future because my dog run to see him!! Excuse me, Colin is OUTSIDE the ring, and I think you should learn how to control your dog before you run him? I was feeling so annoyed. Normally, my usual manner is run straight out and rushing for the toy to reward Sizzle but now with this woman got straight into my face to tell me off, I really feeling like somebody has pour a bucket of cold water on me! I don't mind if she comes to tell me later after I have done my rewarding. There, Sizzle was looking for his reward and I got this bloody woman talking nonsense, I wish I could punch her!!! That is what I called a "competitive handler".

Then, later there were more "argument" going on, not me but I was sitting there watching a bit of agility and hear people arguing over something rather silly. Oh, I hate the environment yesterday. I like the venue as it is a nice flat ground but I don't think I will return to the show again (shamed! I do like their trophy though), so depressing attitude!!

I have Sally to help holding Sipzie away from me and I tried to tease her from a distance to wind her up ... that works really well. She was desperate to get back to me and we didn't do the "set up" routine or wait start as I want her to just go go go ... I don't care the mistake we made, I knew I can fix it but for now, I want the happy Sipzie back with her crazy speed ...

here are Sipzie's runs ...
Beginners Agility:

Beginners Jumping:
Steeplechase II:
Sizzle was a good boy too, he has qualified for the CSJ Grand Prix by winning the Agility, he was in the Novice class but this Grand Prix is a combined of all classes (from Novice to Championship level), the top 3 same height dogs go to Semi-Final. Sizzle won the Novice class as well as the Overall, so he is through to the Semi-Final in December. I want to say a Big Congratulations to Sally & Tig (Sing x Samber pup), they made it to the Semi-Final too. Fantastic!! Also, not to forget, Tig's big brother William also through to Semi-Final! WooHoo!!

 Congratulations to Sally and Tig for making it through to CSJ Grand Prix Final!

Sizzle and his winning :)) BTW, the beer didn't come with the prize, I thought it was a nice winning drink for me :) The beer glass was one of the trophy though :)

Here are Sizzle's runs ...
this is CSJ Grand Prix Agility, not sure what's wrong with the video camera, it went blur again :(((
this is Novice Jumping, look, Sizzle was distracted by Colin as well but I never complain about Colin standing outside or blaming Sizzle for not concentrating, its part of the training, isn't it?

this is Novice Steeplechase I (sorry about Sipzie crying, that is a good sign from her, hope this means she wants to do agility with me):
this is Novice Steeplechase II, shamed about the second last jump:
This is the first time I ran Saturn after Crufts, he was injured by Sizpie soon after Crufts and he was very bad for 10 days. He was rested and lead walk for a while and he is fine now but I am not rushing into competing with him, I am hoping to take it easy with him this year.

this is his Senior Jumping, shamed about my handling :(((
this is Senior Steeplechase I:
this is Senior Steeplechase II:
Overall, we had a good day, I was really happy with Sipzie, that's matter!!

Oh, I am missing Brooke terribly, never feel so quiet and lonely before. I am missing the two hooligans dashing around like a lunatic. Now, Sonic is very quiet ...

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Vonnie said...

Just love watching Saturn weaving :) Good runs! you must be super fit not LOL! Sipzie looks more relaxed! Sizzle a wee star :)