Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sonic 10 weeks!


Oh dear! Sonic is 10 weeks already! I can't believe how fast the time shooting by, although Brooke has joined her new family two weeks ago, I just can't get back to my old routine! The excuse is I now have Sonic! Hehehe ... the lounge is still messy, full of dog toys and some newspaper just in case Sonic wants to go toilet while I am not fast enough. Generally he has been very good with his toilet. He hardly mess on the carpet but we still try to teach him the garden is where he should have his toilet. He gets extremely excited whenever I let him out to the garden, he will charge around like a lunatic and always find something to play with, so whenever he is out, there is no way he will think of toilet. The weather has turned cold again, so I can't stay out too long in the garden for him to calm down ...

Sonic had his 2nd puppy vaccination on Friday. My usual vet Kevin is on holiday, he won't be back until two weeks later. Although I feel more comfortable with him but I won't want to wait for another two weeks to get Sonic jab. We saw a lady vet that I have never seen before; for the first time, I feel like turning back. I don't feel comfortable with her. Anyway, she asked me some silly questions such as "what sex is your puppy?", I told her he is a boy; then unexpectedly, she went on to check he got "willy". WHAT? As a normal routine, she checked his ears, eyes, teeth ... but hello, how can you check a puppy's ears with the puppy's back facing you? For all the time I went to my vet, I have never seen they done it this way. And, she is not gentle with Sonic! Luckily he is a tough boy and didn't bother by her. I won't go in detail on how she injected my puppy but this is the last time I want to see her. Just as she finished the injection, she said to me: your puppy is very nervous, you need to get him socialised and you cannot do that after 48 hours! WTF! Sonic was busy exploring every corner in his confident self while we are waiting and we even play tug with people and animals around and she told me my puppy is nervous? I can only shock my head in disgust! I am really wondering where her qualification comes from!! Or is she said that as a standard format to every dog owner?

I agreed to do a home check for a friend that involved in Sheltie Rescue. The home is in London so I thought it would be great to take Sonic for a day out. We traveled by bus/train/underground ... he wasn't bother by anything. He is an inquisitive little chap. We stood outside Sloane Square Station for about 15min, he was so busy exploring the surrounding and not fazed by anything. He certainly attracts a lot of attention; nearly everyone wanted to say hello to him. He was alright at first but he soon get very bored about people stroking him and right into his face. All he wants is to chase the pigeon and watching all the trishaw ... and chase the "flying" rubbish. He definitely is not a cuddly boy!

He was a very good boy meeting the 13 year old sheltie. We went to the flat where they live and he walked in like he own the place. He explored every corner like a dog should. He and the sheltie were playing nicely and it was so good to see how he cope with every new situation. I am very proud of him.

After the home check, we went to a busy market nearby. Again, more people cooing over him. Basically we just stood there for everyone to say hello to him. I can see that he really got fed up after 20min, so we decided to leave the market and take him to Hyde Park.

It was the Football Champion League yesterday in London, so there were tons of supporters from Manchester United and Barcelona around everywhere. They were singing, shouting, screaming ... very noisy. I am watching Sonic to see if he is stressed about them but Nope! He was quite happy and was busy checking everywhere. We saw some tame squirrels, they came up to people to ask for food and we were amazed how they actually climb up a man's trouser if he ignored them. I would be very scared of them. At one point, when Colin was holding Sonic, a squirrel came so close to me that made me jump! I guess this will be the heaven for Sing, Saturn, Sizzle and Seagull. They love chasing squirrels!

Sonic saw the squirrels for the first time in his life, he was shaking in excitement while I was holding his lead. I know I want to let him go to chase them but I do not want to upset the people that fed them. Soon, the people's gone, I let him go ... hehehe ... the natural instinct is CHASE! He is so close in getting one of them! Then, he was placed in the pigeons. He looked so confused, he don't know which one to go for! Maybe I should get Sizzle to teach him how to chase the bird!

here is a compilation of photos we took yesterday in London and a couple of clip of him playing:
Happy 10 weeks birthday to Sonic & sister Brooke!


Sara said...

Sonic is such a wonderful little boy. What a fun adventure in London!

Diana said...

He looks great! What wonderful fun pictures!

Nat said...

Love all the photos in the video!

Vonnie said...

Wow what an adventure! I bet was zzzzzzzz! Love the vid with Sizzle & Sonic awwww! Music so fitting too :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sonic is growing up fast! I think you have done an amazing job socializing him - don't know what that vet was thinking - but I would never go back to her either.

Chica Poodle said...

Lovely vid, he looked great in the big City :0)