Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pups-date @ 7.5 weeks

I didn't get much chance to take more pictures of the puppies, they are too fugitive and won't sit/stand still for one second. All they do now is chasing and fighting each other if the cat is not around. They are extremely active and these two puppies prefer play/fight than eating their food!

This is my least "foody" litter, they are not interested in any food/treat I gave them, so our clicker training has been delayed. Brooke is much better eater, when she is hungry, she will eat; she eats her portion then finished off Sonic's portion too. Sonic is very much like daddy Sing, walked away from food :(

I manage to do a very little clicker training with these two pups. All started around 5.5/6 weeks at the first time. I didn't push it as they are not into food, I just waited for the right moment to do a little training. But they both like their toys very much and they are good tuggers :)

 Brooke and Sonic saw something in the pond

 this is their favourite squeaky
 look like we have a super diver here, that reminded me so much of his daddy

this is our little clicker training:

OMG! Please turn down the volume, this is me teasing poor Sonic:
 I will post some agility news later ...


Vonnie said...

Awww someone will need a tissue when Brooke goes to her new home.
Bless him picking up quick! Naughty mummy teasing him LOL!
Great pics :)

Coco said...

I wish Silky took after her daddy too. She eats EVERYTHING.