Monday, May 09, 2011

water baby competition

 water baby competition

I just dropped by to read on a cute sheltie Riley's blog and he has a giveaway competition which draw my attention. I don't normally do any competition but I thought this time I would. I cannot introduce anyone better than Sing to be the "water baby"

Sing is a fish in disguise, he loves water more than anything else. Whenever he sees a pond/lake/sea, there is no way we can stop him from going in for a swim. The record breaking was back in 2006, we went to Snowdonia, we passed by so many lakes and he jumped into each lake to have a swim before we can continue our journey up to Snowdon and it took us more than 6 hours where it should be not more than 4 hours!
this is a picture of 10/11 weeks old of Sing. We only have him for a week and we went holiday in Lake District and this is the very first time he went into a water (sea) and there is not stopping him since. He and Colin went swimming in the sea together whenever we go on holiday and he loves fetching his beloved tennis ball too.
This is a picture of Colin and Sing swimming in the sea. In the picture, Sing is less than a year old.

At long last, in September 2009. I pluck up the courage to take Sing for the "Dash 'n' Splash" (Dock Diving) tryout. He was great! At his very first trial, he jumped 16.5 feet to take him into the Final. At the Final, he managed to jump 17 feet to got into a 3rd place. The winner was a cocker spaniel double his size jumping 21feet and follow by another cocker jumping 17.5 feet, also double his size. The organiser came to tell me that overall, Sing is the winner as to his body size. I was so happy, I don't care about the prize of winning but at least we have tried and we did good! And most of all, Sing enjoyed it and he did show off for the shelties! I believe he is the very first sheltie that did "Dash 'n' Splash".
 this is before he gets wet :)

 this is Sing after his first jump, obviously :)

 and here are some more photos taken recently when we go out walking in the Common and this is what he does when his shoulder/paw is good:


Vonnie said...

He just looooves it!

Reilly / Bree said...

Wow - I have never seen a Sheltie love water so much ! Look at them jump too!!! Thank you so much for calling by my blog and joining in our giveaway.


verobirdie said...

Wow. I agree, he must be a fish in disguise.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sing loves water more than any other dog I have ever known!

K-Koira said...

You must've gotten him some extra springs installed to make those jumps!

Priscilla said...

He's Sing!!!
Nobody can beat the way he loves water and those diving pictures are precious and priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chica Poodle said...

Born to Splash'n Dash :0)

Sara said...

Sing rules!