Tuesday, March 27, 2012

another birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little ray of sunshine, FOUR today!

No crazy celebration, we have a nice peaceful walk in the morning, had a bath, then spent the whole afternoon chilling in the garden with lots of sunshine. 

 Sizzle loves rolling on the grass when we have a lovely weather like this

 he is camera shy, doesn't like his photo taken :)


Coco said...

Happy birthday, Sizzle. You are always very cute boy aren't you?
I love his camera shy face.
Love Coco

Sara said...

Oh Sizzle, how did you get to be 4 already?

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!

Vonnie said...

Happy B'Day Sizzle! I thought you were look more handsome than ever, lovely bath! Something else you have in common with your sis LOL! Hope you had a lovely day. Wee sis Ellie sends licks x

corbinwooten said...

Happy birthday handsome Sizzle!

Rhoda said...

Happy Birthday to Sizzle!! Brodie loves rolling in the grass as well, particularly after a bath!! :)

Priscilla said...

Happy Birthday, Sizzle!!! Can't believe that you're already 4, I thought it was just yesterday when I first met you!!!

Enjoy all your treats and pressies!