Wednesday, March 28, 2012

working wednesday #9

Well, this is not really a working wednesday but I have been working on getting Sonic to swim voluntarily and willingly without me keep using my verbal command to "push" him to swim. Thanks to this lovely sunny weather, we got to swim in the pond nearly everyday! Sonic is like suddenly "click" on Monday evening when we had our evening walk. Daddy Sing was on the lead because he had problem with the skin on his back (this will be on a separate post), so Sonic and Sizzle were both "in-charge" of swimming :D

I wasn't plan to get them wet in the evening so I didn't bring a ball, Sizzle found a nice stick. It was a real good one, no side branches or rough end, so it is safe to play. I decided to chuck the stick in the water and Sonic suddenly came from nowhere and straight into the water. WooHoo? He was very keen and fast, poor Sizzle was left behind, and luckily I found another one to entertain both of them. 

I thought that was a one-off from Sonic but he proved me wrong! Basically, he spent most of the time in the water that evening, fetching stick :) He is definitely a daddy's boy <3


corbinwooten said...

Nice job! I wish my two would chase a stick into the water. Lexi might if I got her excited enough. I don't think I've ever been anywhere to try!

And I can't believe that they left those geese/ducks alone. They look like they would be fun to chase :)

Hope Sing's back is okay.

Vonnie said...

He's so strong and fast! Lovely turn!Not phased by the ducks. He has the cheering squad there LOL!

Jolanda said...

Well done Sonic! Skye goes completely mad over sticks as well. No toy is as much fun as a stick!

Priscilla said...

Woohooooo, well done, Sing Junior!!!

So glad to see Sizzle in the water too! He swims so gently!