Wednesday, March 21, 2012

big boys update

I am not very good in keeping up with news lately ... the weather has been amazingly glorious with lots of sunshine and spring breeze. I have been out with the dogs a lot; I now walk Sing, Saturn, Sizzle and Sonic in one trip and Seagull, Sipzie and Scara on a separate trip. I used to take all seven out together but the girls are pretty naughty, they like to collide into the boys, especially Saturn and Sizzle. Saturn and Sizzle were very sore on their back after a big collision last December on a separate occasion. They both been treated and are well now. I do not want to go down the road again with stressed and frustration, so walking 2 separate trips in this weather is not bad.

The boys got to swim a lot in the last few days, I am sure you are fed-up with Sing's diving photos :), so no more Sing's diving photos. Sonic is very good now with open water, he actually beginning to dive yesterday. I am not sure if that is a one-off but it is very good to see another diving sheltie apart from Sing. He is very keen to swim just like Sing which is good. 

such a gorgeous pair!

Sonic's agility training is coming along very well. We've done some training last week and I really enjoyed working him. He is always keen and eager to learn. He is probably my only sheltie that will work switching between toys and food without losing any enthusiasm. 

this is one of the exercise we did at the training at AJAX:

We were at AJAX UKA Show last weekend, I was competing Friday and Saturday. Friday was dry but the wind was bitterly cold, I nearly freeze to death. I took all the dogs with me as Colin is at work. I was rather stressed as walking back and forth to fetch dogs to run and then have to take the dogs out for walk. I didn't do well. Between Sizzle and Sipzie, we managed 10 eliminations!

I was so glad to have Colin with me on Saturday. Sizzle was a really good boy, he managed all 5 clear rounds and won 4 classes and came 2nd in one. Unfortunately, Sipzie wasn't up for it on Saturday, she was rather miserable to start with and got better at the end. It was a long wait in between runs. The weather was very poorly as well. It rain on and off, I had to run in the rain with Sizzle. I wasn't going to but Colin said it is a good practice for WAO if it rains, so I did but I was very worried that either Sizzle and I got slipped and injured so we went steady, that's the class we came 2nd as I constantly shouting at him ... STEADY in a steeplechase class. Believe it or not, my last 2 runs with Sizzle was at 6:30pm! I need a flood light to run! I was so wanted to go home but I know I need the points to go up to Champion Level and I've been waited for so long ... luckily, I've got to train Sonic in between. I think having to train in a ring in a competition environment is very good for him. He is advanced compare to other puppies but I am very pleased with him to be able to work in the ring.

This is Sizzle's Senior Gambler, we've got picked to do Games at WAO, so I need to practice to do more Games before WAO. I was a little lost after the 2nd tunnel as I thought the whistle should blow by then but it didn't so I was really lost and don't know what to do ...


Rhoda said...

Great videos!! Love watching Sonic swimming - he is SOOO much like his daddy!! Also, love the gamble - well done Sizzle, he'll do so well at the WAO's :-)

Vonnie said...

Clever Sizzle! Video showing error so will try them later. Sizzle is a BIG boy now LOL!