Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back to routine ... part 2, important Birthdays coming up ...

Since App's gone, Sonic is demanding his attention! I thought I could spend a little more time doing my own things but Sonic would not let me. Everytime I sit in front on the computer, he will come and tell him he wants to do some agility :) so I am constantly run in and out of the garden do a little session of training with him. I feel really exhausted!

Sing will 10th and Sonic will be ONE!

This week, we have TWO big Birthdays coming up ... on Friday, 16th is Sing's 10th Birthday. I can't believe he is 10 and he definitely don't act like 10 to me! Despite his poorly paw, he is still very active, very agile and very keen to do anything! He always want to make me happy and keen to please me! I will be very busy this week, training Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, UKA Friday & Saturday and Sheltie meeting on Sunday. Phew! Luckily, the weather was glorious on the weekend, so we got to take the dogs out for some nice walks in between Crufts Agility break. 

As the weather is getting better, Sing got to do what he loves the best ...
 nothing can make him happier apart from diving/swimming and tennis ball

I can't believe Sonic and Brooke is turning ONE next Monday, 19th. Time just flew by, too quickly! Both Sonic and Brooke are amazing pairs. We are very proud to have bred these two gorgeous puppies!

 Sonic is daddy's shadow

March is definitely a "Birthday month" here at The KNIGHTs Shelties. Later in the month, 27th, is Sizzle's 4th Birthday! At the moment, we are a bit muddled up with his diet "again"! As we are leaving to WAO in May for a week. I was trying to switch his diet from Natural Instinct to tin meat for easy transport. Unfortunately it didn't work. It upset his tummy terribly :(

We have been to twice Team training so far and I am happy with him. Although his speed hasn't come back but he knew his job. I am building up his fitness gradually, both of us, really. We both do a lot of balance work and walking/trotting ... he go swimming and I go to gym. Hopefully, we both are fit for WAO.


Food Freak Frank said...

Those pictures of Sing diving into the water are absolutely beautiful. I can never seem to get good action pictures of my dogs. You did a great job capturing the moment!

Vonnie said...

Love Sing's action shots! He doesn't look or act his age :) Sizzle and you will do well at WAO just remember "Keep Calm & Carry On" :)

Priscilla said...

Sing = diving = tennis ball

Love all the action shots of Sing diving into the water, he is amazing and a little bit crazy too : )

The picture of you and Sizzle is great! Two of you will do well at WAO, don't put too much pressure on yourself, take it easy and there you are.

Rhoda said...

I can't believe that our gorgeous puppies are almost a year old!! LOVE the photos of Daddy Sing :D xx