Friday, March 09, 2012

Oh Appy Day!

App has left the nest to join his forever home today. It was an emotional goodbye, being a singleton, I grew to attach to him more, even Colin is so in love with him. He is my first puppy that goes abroad but I know he is in very good hand and he will be well loved and well take care of.

 taking a BIG leap to The Netherlands!

He was such an easy puppy. Since he and Skye came back at 3 weeks old, he never a trouble. He was brilliant in many ways, although he was a slow developer but he is very bright, confidence, bold and happy little boy. He loves people and dogs. I don't think he will have problem settling in. He also has cheeky character that makes you laugh all the time!

cheeky boy

I think Sonic and Scara will be missing him. They are the two that played with him most of the time and hopefully they also taught him some good behaviours. Being a singleton is always tricky as they have no siblings to learn the manners and mama Skye left at 6 weeks. He has to learn all by himself. I am very glad he is very independent and strong. I know he will learn some manners mixing with the big boys.

I always try my very best to give the puppies a good start of their life by socialising them as early as possible in different situation. They get to meet children, young and old and other animals if possible ...

I wish Mariska all the best with her new puppy and I can't wait to see him again soon ... in May? 

 and here is the boring video of App playing with Scara and Sonic:


Diana said...

He is just the cutest puppy. I think he is my favorite so far.

Priscilla said...

You did a great job, Lian! All your puppies are brought up so well by you and you should give yourself some treats : ).

Those pictures of App and Sonic are priceless. Both of them look so happy and so fond of each other.

All the best to App! He is so adorable and he sure is going to be a very handsome young man soon.

Vonnie said...

Awwww bless that tennis ball is bigger than his head - how did he pick it up LOL!