Friday, March 30, 2012

Sing and a bit of Sonic training

Poor Sing has a bit of skin problem, we think! Not sure what happened and how he "got" it. Colin spotted it last Saturday while we were at NADS show. He called me over so I can have a good look. I was really surprised that I have not noticed/spotted it before. As he grew older, he likes to snuggle up to me in the evening and I normally run my hand all over him like you usually do. I found some dry skins and tried to peel it off, bad move! Unfortunately there is one particular one was nasty, when I got the dry skin off him, there was yellow puss inside, so that really concern me, so I rushed him to the ring side vet Ed. He was treated straightaway. We cannot understand why or how he got so many spots on his back, all at different areas. The only thing we could think of he probably got caught it some bushes but Sing is not a hunter, he won't go into shrub to chase rabbits! Anyway, after nearly a week, he is looking so much better and the nasty spot is also drying up nicely after lots of TLC. Phew! Sadly, he has to lost some of his fur :(

Sing obviously is not happy as we have a gorgeous week, all the others were swimming in the pond and I have to keep him on the lead. Poor boy was crying, screaming, barking when the others were in the water! Hopefully, he will soon he the King of the Pond again :)

We have a fantastic weather this week, really warm and sunny. Me and the dogs enjoyed our days laze around in the garden, doing nothing. I think we deserved garden agility off, just enjoyed this beautiful weather. I know soon I will have to get the lawn mover out to do some gardening. The grass needs to be treated :(

Today, we went to train with Toni Dawkins. I worked mostly with Sonic and 15 minutes with Sizzle. Sonic was great-ISH. He is coming along very well. He is still a baby and I am really happy with his performance and most of all, the enthusiasm in agility. He so far is my only dog that will work all the way though without needing food/treat. He is highly motivated on toy, if there is food/treat involved, he is happy and if you take the food/treat away, it didn't slow him down. One big improvement for me :) I did work very hard with him as a puppy and I am so happy that my training is getting better. 

We varies the jump height now when training Sonic. Sometimes, he jumps really low, pole on the base height or UKA toy height and every now and then we move the jumps to KC small height. Also, we varied different heights altogether. He is doing well on KC small height today. 

My problem now with him is he does not turn after the DW! He does not respond to my directional command at all when doing full DW let alone body language! He is very good with his directional command while doing jump or ground work but just don't applied on the DW! My homework now is to go back to very basic turning left & right after DW. It probably will take me a while but there is no rush :)

We've also started on  V Weave. I've just loved this dog, he is so enthusiastic on learning everything! My V Weave has sent in to be mended to the new KC spacing, hopefully I will be able to get it back before Easter, so I can practice during this period and have Colin to film it. 

Very sadly, Colin lost his job yesterday, so a lot of our plans for this year is changing ... with petrol prices hitting the record high, we are unable to attend many shows. Also, we consider to move away ...


Chris and Ricky said...

Oh no Lian - I am so sorry to hear that Colin lost his job! That is terrible and so scary. I hope there is a chance he can get another? Seems like this is happening everywhere still. No one is secure. My thoughts are with you two.

Sonic does look great on his DW and I bet he will learn the turn in no time!

Poor Sing! Thankfully his skin is improving!

corbinwooten said...

I am glad to hear that Sing is feeling better, but am so sorry to hear that Colin lost his job. I think that everything happens for a reason, so I hope something good comes out of it in the long run.

Sending good thoughts to you and the pups.

Sara said...

Oh Lian, sorry to hear that Colin lost his job. That must be very stressful.

AJD said...

Poor Sing. My neighbours labradoodle had the same sort of small raised spots filled with pus, a couple of months ago. No obvious cause. After several visits to the vet and some antibiotics, the spots went away, came back again and finally went away. All clear now, but still only guesses about what caused them.

Sonic deserves his name! Beautiful on the DW.

Vonnie said...

Poor Sing & Colin :( Good to hear Sing is improving!