Sunday, March 25, 2012

some agility updates

I've entered Sizzle and Sipzie this weekend at NADS. The weather was absolutely perfect for Newbury. Normally, Newbury is very windy and cold but yesterday was brilliant. We woke up at 5am, fed the shelties and quick toilet trip and ready to set off at 6am. We got there nice and early and to my surprised there were so many day parkers already! We got to park quite a fair distance but it was close to the exercise area so which is good.

I've entered Sizzle on Saturday and Sizzle & Sipzie on Sunday but we didn't go today. I think we deserved a good day like this at home, enjoy the garden with the shelties. I like UKA shows, you can enter on the day which is perfect. I've decided to give Sipzie a chance, so I've entered her in ONE class only and I picked the Steeplechase with no weave and no contacts. I think she needs a confidence boost. I've also entered Saturn in one steeplechase class. Bless him, he will be 7 in June and he loves to work for me. Good thing about UKA is he can jump lower and we can take it easy. 

I have not done any training with Saturn since Crufts 2011, that was a year ago. I am glad we are not rusty and he still response to my command like he used to. He is a very good boy when we competed. He always tried so hard eventhough he has no contacts. He is a really good jumper dog. Sadly, the back injury has taken him off from the sports he likes.

this is Saturn in Senior Steeplechase 1:

I've trained Sipzie hard this week, nothing agility related but since we have a lot of "biting" issue, I think we should sort that out before anything else. I don't think she wants to "bite" me but she is extremely hyper and excitable dog. Many times, she nip me hard and it drew blood and it is not a nice experienced at all. Sometimes, I've just got frustrated about it. I was glad I've got to talk to an agility friend Chris last weekend at AJAX about it. She suggested that I threw her toy/treat if I knew she is coming to nip me. I am quite experienced and knew when exactly she is coming, so we have been practising this a lot during the week and I have to say, I am 90% jackpot!

I chose to do one class with her if I go to an UKA show, I am hoping to build up her confidence in the ring slowly. I don't think I can rush with her and I am going to take it really slowly. This is her only class, Novice Steeplechase 2. We've got 2 refusals but I got to practice my "european turn"! She is really good at this turn, maybe because she is Belgian :)

Sizzle was a good little boy, he won all his 5 classes. Compare to last weekend, we certainly has improved! I was very keen to get on with the snooker and Sizzle did me proud, we scored full mark (51) with 6 seconds to spare! That really build up my confidence for the WAO. I have done a few Gamblers, so I am getting better but this is the only Snooker I've done so far. I wish I can get to practise more before WAO.

Sizzle in Senior Snooker:


Diana said...

You guys look really good!

corbinwooten said...

Awesome trial, Lian!

Saturn looked so happy to be out there with you. I didn't know he was injured :( It is great that he is still able to get out there and play even at a lower height.

Sipzie looked awesome! She is so enthusiastic that I love watching her run.

And of course Sizzle was great!

Thanks for sharing the videos, I enjoyed them.

Rhoda said...

Well done to you and Sizzle - he was going really well when I saw him. Def getting ready for May!! :)

Vonnie said...

Handsome Saturn such a clever boy. Ms Sipzie is hyper LOL! Sizzle clever boy as always :)