Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday to my one and only SING

Happy TENTH Birthday to my one and only Sing, dog in a million! He is a little dog with big attitude! He taught me so much in the last 10 years and I am nobody today without him. He is always closely by my side since the day he walked into my life. We learned everything together, we failed; we succeeded; I cry, he licked my tears away; I laugh, he barked with me to share my joy and laughter! I am so happy to have share my life with him. 

We were at AJAX UKA show today to run Sizzle and Sipzie. I thought it would be very nice if I can give him a run. I know he will love it. I've checked with the judge and she is happy to let Sing wears his little protection sock to run. WooHoo! Sing was so excited. He hasn't done agility for 2 years and he was so excited that he gets to run! I can't tell you how happy he was and we managed to captured his birthday run on the video. Thanks to Aunty Rhoda! Bonus = he won it!

Thank you, Thank you, 
Thank God for you, 
The wind beneath my wing! 


Priscilla said...

Happy 10th Birthday, dearest Sing!

You're definitely a hero to your mom, your kids and everyone.

May you have many many more birthdays to come and enjoy each and every moment. I'm sure you've lots of treats and are treated like a king today.

Hi Lian,
That's a truly beautiful video of Sing and thanks for sharing his run. He was excellent. What a big pressie for himself and you and it's so unforgettable too.

My eyes are still welled with tears while I'm trying to hit the keyboard.

Please send my kisses and hugs to the big boy. I'll get his favourite treats with him in summer.

Priscilla, Eva and Mika xxx

Vonnie said...

Happy B'Day Sing! You don't look 10! Well done on your win, you've still got it :) Khandi & Ellie send wet sloppy licks x

Vonnie said...

I was so moved wartching the video, so fitting to such a wonderful Sheltie x

Rhoda said...

Happy Birthday Sing!! You don't look 10 and are such a handsome boy! Glad I was there to cheer you on in your agility run :-)
Princess Brooke sends birthday licks to daddy xx