Wednesday, March 14, 2012

working wednesday #8

Now that App has gone, I can put my training shoe on again (is that an excuse? LOL)

I have been wanted to teach Sonic to turn after the Dog Walk but was a little afraid about it. I do not want to confuse him if I am not sure how to teach a perfect turn. I have been struggling about it. He is very different to Sizzle; he has much longer stride and powerful running across the plank. He isn't a year old yet, I try to avoid any sharp turn at this point, hence no weaving yet too (only channel where he is still running straight without wriggly his body).

Just a couple of weeks ago, after watching Silvia Trkman training the turn with her young Pyrenean Sheepdog Le, I was inspired by her and decided I am going to teach the turn now! 

Sonic has been brilliant with the straight on, at home, it is 100%. Anywhere else, it's 98%. We haven't got a lot of chance to do full DW at anywhere else. The two puppy classes we go to, one is not doing full height yet and one only do full height every now and then. At the puppy classes, they are concentrate on jumping only and occasionally do some low contacts or bottom of the contacts for those who do 2o/2o.

I spent a week, that is 7 days, everyday doing 5 minutes (I timed myself with an alarm watch, so I am not over doing it) on the basic turning. He is good on turning left but not right? I did exactly the same training on both side but I have not have a clue why he can't do right?

P/S: you can turn down the volume of the video as I have no time to edit them, it's very noisy :)
this is the clip of us doing basic turning Left:

this is the clip of us trying to run a sequence turning Left:

I can't find a video of us doing the basic learning turning Right when we first started but it's identical to the one I did on the Left. But this video was taken yesterday, we are now going back to the beginning, I think I have to stick to this for a long time as he has't "click" yet. I tried to remove the marker pole every now and then and funny enough, soon the marker pole has gone or making that smaller and not obvious, he will turn sooner which I would not accept that at this point. That is just in case he misses the contact all together when he gets confidence.

In this video, you can see the failure of him turning Right :(((((


corbinwooten said...

That is weird that he doesn't do as well turning right. His left turns are beautiful. Really, his dogwalks are beautiful in general! I know he will figure it out in no time.

I have to say I was surprised because this is the first time that I left the sound on (I am at work, normally I am at home and the dogs bark if they hear a dog video!) and you don't have a British accent! :)

Vonnie said...

He has some power behind him for a Sheltie :) Very handsome & clever boy!