Monday, June 18, 2012

Agility update ... competition and training

We went to Axstane on Saturday, it's our second Kennel Club Open show this year. The first one we went to was Wye Valley Champ in March. Although, we have been to a few UKA shows in between but after my performance at Axstane, I came back and had a good thought about it. I wasn't happy with myself on Saturday. I ran Sizzle in the small/mixi pairs with Toni Dawkins, I've let her down by getting Sizzle eliminated.  I feel like I haven't try hard enough. I knew there is "one" tricky bit and I was seriously worried about it. I wanted Sizzle to turn left at jump #12 but he turned right, to stop him back jump to get eliminated, I tried to block the jump and made myself totally in the wrong position and when I turned around and lost jump #13! I can kick myself for that stupid mistake, to top it worst, I lost my sporting manner :( I feel very angry about myself!

Watching the video a few times, I sat down and think WHY I am such a bad handler. I know our current changes made me very stressed but I shouldn't bring that to agility; maybe running in the UKA made me very casual? I'm quite relax when competing at UKA shows. I always go thinking training the dogs in the ring, is that it? I really should collect myself and "seriously" compete at some KC shows. 

Sizzle & Minx @ Axstane, small/mixi pairs:

It was gales force wind on Saturday, although the judges were very considerate to take the Dog Walk down but I decided not to run Sizzle in the Agility and Jumping, I think one class is good enough for him. We had a long wait before Sipzie's run. I've entered her in the Jumping only. I want to fix the weave problem with her in the ring before the DW problem. I think one at a time suit us. She is getting more confidence and happy in the ring again after a few UKA shows. One issue sorted :)

I wanted to get in front of the 2nd pull through but I was far behind, so I was in a bad position again, that Sipzie back jump; but never mind, we carried on as nothing is wrong and she was weaving well but I must have pull her off the poles. I was really happy with her.

Sipzie @ Axstane, G4-7 Jumping:

I really should be consistent with the weave at competition like we did at training. She is brilliant at home and at Club but at competition, 50/50. This video was taken this morning, she was great, although I have to pay the price :) I've got "bitten" twice, just because she was too excited and hyper!

Having viewers are painful, especially those that come with kids. Well, we have a big garden, family with young children are our potential buyer. The first family that came on Thursday evening, I was out training taking all the dogs with me. When I got home, look into the garden, it looked like someone had a party with my V Weave and jumping poles! I asked Colin about it and he said he isn't aware of anything. All the nuts and bolts of my V weave had come loose, it took me some efforts to put it all right again. Then, the family return with a 2nd view, the minute the child came through the door, he ran into the garden and straight up the Dog Walk, the see-saw, then the A Frame, it just like what Sonic will do! Hell!!! At one point, he ran up the DW and stood at the top plank and ready to jump down. I got the parent's attention, the father said: let him be, he will be alright and he will be happy! I told him but that is not human safe, his replied was: he will be ok! Grrrr ...

Anyway, we have weaves and jumps put away but it is a lot of hassle to put the contacts away! Yesterday, we had a dry day so we managed to mow the lawn and for the first time in many years, I've decided to put the A Frame full height to train Sonic. I've never bother to raise the A Frame up for Sizzle and Sipzie and never thought that will be a problem but I thought if I raise the AF to full height, at least that will stop the kids climbing up. 

Having spending my effort in fixing the V Weave, I now put that away and bring out the upright weave. And Sonic amazed me! He can't weave upright at training but he is brilliant at home. There is not issue, he is like he has done this before and in speed :)

Sonic, this afternoon, doing upright weave and full height AF:


corbinwooten said...

Don't feel too bad about Sizzle getting eliminated. I think everybody has gotten eliminated in a pairs run at least once--it happens.

I think that Sipzie looked AWESOME even though she back jumped. She is really gaining confidence!

And I know what you mean about kids looking at houses. My mom is trying to rent our house at the beach and this woman and her daughter came and her daughter put her hands all over the walls, flipped the lights on and off and kept flushing all the toilets!!!

Rhoda said...

Wow Sonic is doing so well!! Brooke has just started doing full height A Frame - will put video on YouTube. Sipzie is looking great and Sizzle's run was just one of those things - happens to us all :)

Vonnie said...

These things happen don't be angry with yourself, Sizzle isn't :) Hopefully you will have the house sold soon! You'll be looking forward to the peace and quiet of the country!

Jolanda said...

Don't worry too much about getting eliminated with Sizzle. I do understand your frustration, but it happens to everyone at some point... :)

Sipzie and Sonic are doing so well. Love your garden videos!

Hope your house gets sold soon!