Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Not sure what happened to my poor old Sing. There's some hair missing just down below his left eye. He was normal when we went to bed last night. Yes, I know he was absolutely normal as I gave him a quick brush and tidy up before bed time. I do that every night to all my dogs as I like to brush off the mud before they climb into the bed with us. 

you can click to enlarge the photo to be able to see bald patch immediately down below his left eye

Eventhough he is 10.5 years old with a dodgy paw but still very active and agile. Love my old boy so much. He is the dog that never fails me.

 he loves his new frisbee from daughter Silky

I wonder if Sonic will take over his daddy's agile in no time?


Sara said...

Poor Sing. I hope it isn't anything serious.

Diana said...

I hope Sing is ok. I wonder what happened?

Priscilla said...


Hope Sing is okay!

Vonnie said...

They just love to keep us on our toes! Hope he is ok!