Friday, June 29, 2012

guarding angel

Sipzie is in season and we have three very "devoting" guarding angels. They are constantly by her side. I have been busy "moving" her around. I find it very unfair to keep her in the crate all the time. The first week sailed peacefully, she was with us and the boys didn't bother her at all. They occasionally sniff her butt but that is pretty normal. We had visitors when she was in Day 7, this family came to meet our shelties because they are not sure whether to buy a sheltie puppy or a cavalier puppy. They've spoken to Saturn's breeder and she asked me if I can "entertain" this family as I am closer for them to come by. Surely, this family was impressed by our shelties. I am not surprised as they all have great temperament, even Seagull is beginning to accept strangers at a grand age of 9.5 :) I have Sipzie with us most of the time but put her away every now and then,  the family was amazed how well the boys behaved around a bitch in season. I have to say I was really proud of them too.

guarding angels

This week, Sipzie is in full blown heat, Sing beginning to take "notice" of her; Sonic, Saturn and Sizzle are all crazy. Thank God they don't make noise, it is their behaviour that irritate me. If I put Sipzie in the kitchen area, the three boys will sit in front of the gate and Sipzie will tease them from the other side! If I put her in the crate, they will lying around her crate like a guarding angel. 

Funny how these boys behave. Sing and Sonic are very similar, they both are keen but soon I take them out in the garden, Sing immediately will fetch me a ball and forget all about her and Sonic keeps barking at me to tell me he wants to do agility. Everytime I move, these two immediately thinks there are more exciting thing then a bitch in season. I love that kind of behaviour :)

Saturn and Sizzle are more difficult. If I have treat/food, Saturn is happily move away from his guarding position; Sizzle is what I called "bitch sick"! He would not eat (yes, he refused to eat!), he would not want to play, he would not want to do agility either! Mmmm ... he tried to hump me :(

NOW, Sipzie, please finish your season :)


Sara said...

Silly boy dogs.

Diana said...

Crazy boys. I hope it ends soon.

Vonnie said...

Good Luck! A demented household LOL!