Saturday, June 30, 2012

surprise Saturday

Surprisingly how well cat and dog get on well in a family but still when a dog sees a cat in the street or outside their boundary, they have the instinct to chase!

Our Tortoiseshell Vindi is always the best playmate to our puppies. She came to us the same day we picked up Sipzie from Belgium. She was a real surprised. We weren't plan to have anymore cat after we lost our beautiful Persian Tikka. Tikka is very special to Colin. I offered to get him another Persian but he keeps saying, no other cat could replace Tikka. Oh well! Vindi was a surprised from our neighbour. When we were in Belgium, my neighbour rang, I normally don't pick up any calls when I am abroad but I thought that was something wrong to the house as we always watch out for each other's. I didn't tell her that we were away as we only plan half a day out. Anyway, she told me she bought this cat for her children but her husband warned her to get rid of it within 24 hours! My first reaction was: No, thank you. We just got a puppy (Sipzie). She kept begging us to have her so that her children can still see the cat if she lives with us. Crazy? I told Colin about it and he wasn't keen to have a kitten. When we got home and play with Sipzie in the garden, the neighbour saw us and kept begging us to have her. Guess what? Colin gave in! 

both Sipzie and Vindi became friends immediately! Photo taken at Day 3 after they arrived

Well, she settled in well with our shelties, so she stays :) In fact, she is always a good playmates to my puppies. She is so crazy about them. She and singleton Silky were the BEST playmate. I was worried that Silky will be so left out being the only one but I need not worry. They play and play and play ... I think Silky ended up thinking she is a cat! Silky's mummy and daddy once said Silky actually acted like a cat sometimes :)

Vindi and Silky puppy

Mai boy Sonic is obsess with cat. He grew up with Vindi being a naughty playmate to him. I surely think he acts more like a cat than a dog sometimes! I remembered so well that when Sonic was a little puppy, I took him out a lot to socialise, when he saw a cat in the street, he wanted to go and say hello to them. You know your dog and you know he is not aggressive that he wanted to chase. Sonic just wanted to lick the cat he saw in the street. There was a cat (could be a kitten as well last year) in the neighbourhood, whenever I took Sonic out on the pavement, he always come out to meet him and I think they both trying to make friends. Sonic probably is the only dog I knew that is not chasing a street cat!

Right, I better get off the computer now, we have a Surprise Guest arriving soon ...


Priscilla said...

I can't imagine what will happen if there is a cat which is just a foot away from her.

Can't wait to hear more about your SPECIAL GUEST! Is it anyone of Sing's children coming back to visit the dad?

Vonnie said...

Amazing :)

Jolanda said...

Skye wants to say hello to every cat in our neighbourhood! She just doesn't understand that not every cat likes that!