Thursday, June 14, 2012

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The purchasing of our new farm house is progressing smoothly, finger crossed in the next 4 to 6 weeks we will be IN our dream home. On the other hand, selling the current house is a lot of stress. I just don't know how to tidy the house. There is always dog stuff in every part of the house, from a teeny weeny thing like a clicker to a big thing like dog crate ... there are just everywhere, in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, in the bathroom. Don't be surprised. I collected at least a couple of clickers and old dog treat (well past dated!) in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom! Crazy!

As the professional photographer was coming to take some photos of the house, we were "force" to disappear all the stuff, to make all the rooms look neat & tidy and bigger? Believe me, we have a massive loft space and half of the space was filled with DOG STUFF! Colin is not impressed! I've packed at least 8 big boxes of dog toys, I know I can get rid some of them but it seems each toy means something to me or to the dogs, so I decided to keep them ... not all but MOST :) and I've just found 2 more boxes in the house! Doh! Also, I cannot imagine I have SO MANY dog beds! The boys are spoilt, they don't sleep on the dog beds but on our bed or the settee, how on earth I've got that many dog beds? Ridiculous! Again, I keep them ALL because every bed has a story. 

The other human stuff that take up all the house is BOOKs! Colin and I love reading and the worst habit is we find it hard to part with the books that we have read! Grrr ... although we have taken tons to the charity but we will have tons left in the house!

After a massive tidy up, Colin and I felt HOMELESS, this is not like a home to us. It is too empty. The shelties got very confused, especially Seagull and Sizpie. These two love their crate. We always have two crates in the kitchen area, they go in and out as they wish. Seagull in particular, he finds the crate is his comfort zone.  

 empty room

I just wanted the stress to end!


Jolanda said...

Everything crossed here!! I hope you'll be living in your farm house soon!

The room on the picture doesn't look like a room from your home! Except for the lovely shelties of course!!!

Coco said...

I understant that!! Everytime we had viewing I had to hide everything; toys, beds, food bowls, water bowls, dog shampoo, you name it, and had to walk around with Coco and Silky at any time and on any weather. Nightmare...I hope your selling house is also going smoothly.

corbinwooten said...

Good luck selling your house! I know it is stressful. I remember when we packed up our stuff Lexi was so worried. As we were packing she kept trying to sit in my lap because she was so worried we might forget her!

But, at least you know that something wonderful is at the end--your new farm house!

Chris and Ricky said...

Aww.. moving is so stressful no matter what! Hopefully it will be all over soon!

Eden Agility said...

It will all be worth it in the end!! Hope it all goes smoothly for you :-)

Vonnie said...

It will be worth it in the end! The dogs will be wondering what is going on - where are all our toys LOL!