Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tale

After a couple of weeks of cold, wet weather; the sky turns blue and sunny again! The boys enjoy their early morning sun bathing on the patio. You thought shelties with a full coat will try to stay in the shade? Nah, not my lots. They love their sun bathing, especially Sizzle!

the boys enjoy the morning sun on the patio

Sizzle sunbathing

The only one that does not learn how to chill is crazy Little Miss Sipzie! She is always busy, while the others happily lie down and she is busy pacing up and down, bring me all the toys one by one ... she likes to tease me with the toy but never give it to me; then she will snatch it back and shake it like a rag doll. If I ignore her, she will go up to the boys, one by one to tease them to play with her ... normally, Sonic will give up and play with her. 

this is Sipzie teasing Sing!

As the weather been so wet, and Sonic has his hip scored last Thursday, I didn't get a chance to do some practice with him in the garden. This morning, I was full of enthusiasm and determined to do something with  him. He was so happy to be able to do what he loves. We were practicing the weave poles but somehow, I was putting a "pull through" in our practice and I realised I haven't taught him that. Ooops! I know why! I am hoping to put that till last as my pull through is my weakest of all handling. 

So, I started the basic pull through exercise with him. I have to say that was a big failure! He was very hyper and well up for it. He ignored all my handling and ran the three jumps as a snake (serpentine) sequence! I tried breaking it down but still, he ignoring me! In the last 4 hours, we have been out every 30-45 minutes for  a 5 minutes practice. I've learned to walk away if the failure continue. I know I am not a strong person in this handling, so I rather walk away then being frustrated get everything screw up for the rest of my agility life with Sonic. 

Although Sizzle is looking very good at the moment but I am not ready to put him back to Agility training yet. I have Saturn out to assist me with the practice. He is such a good boy. He made me think that I am not a bad handler at all. I sometimes wonder why Sizzle's pull through is so awful? Did I train them differently?

Saturn showing off how to do "pull through" properly:

and here is Sonic learning some basic pull through. I have deleted all the bad ones :) It was really awful :( These are the good ones, still not the best but I am hoping we can improve. Also, you can see Saturn barking at Sonic, he tried to tell him how to do it right! Love my dogs! They really made me laugh so much!

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Vonnie said...

Sipzie sounds like Ellie never stops, collection of toys at your feet LOL! My two go in the shade after a wee sunbathe. Good to see them all outside relaxing!