Friday, June 15, 2012

small brain

Shelties are very confused for sure! Since we have been tidying up the house for sale, and over the years, I have my nephews from Malaysia staying with us; and friends as well ... we stick to the master bedroom since we moved in 9 years ago. Just a couple of years ago, we have the privacy back to ourselves! ALL our shelties sleep in the master bedroom with us, some on the floor but mostly, they are on the bed with us! They, just like us, pretty much stick to the routine. Whenever it's bedtime, they know where to go.

Sizzle gets himself very comfy on the bed

Just a couple of days ago, after we have all the rooms clean up, Colin suggested we should try to sleep in every room before we move. The mission is on. We both thought, if we sneakily sleep in another room, we will see if the shelties are aware? Tuesday night, all the shelties settled in the room, I picked up my pillow (I like my very own pillow!) from our master bedroom, turn the light off and walked into another room. That used to be the boys (my nephews') room while they were here, so we only have a single bed. Poor Colin has to sleep on the floor :) as I don't sleep on a hard flooring. The bed was comfy as I have many layer of duvets on the mattress but I can't fall asleep :( I missed the shelties on the bed with us, I lay awake thinking WHO will come to join me first. I heard Colin snoring loudly into the night ... 40 minutes later, I heard some gentle paws walking into the room, that was my soul mate Saturn; then an hour later, came Sing, closely followed by Sonic. Where is Sizzle? Since the boys had joined me, I thought I better call him. I called and called ... no sign of him? We guess he is running around the house looking for us! It took him about 15 minutes to find me and when he did find me, he was very angry. Yes, I can't believe how angry he was! He was growling at me (not aggressive of course but you can see the frustration in him), hahaha ... That reminded me on my birthday, we went to visit the farm house, we were walking in the field. Some part was over grown. Colin went to investigate and I stayed back. I didn't fancy walking in a long grass with no footpath. Sizzle was staying with me for a little while, I guess he also struggled in the long grass as he was very clever to follow behind me, he walked on top when I've walked so the grass was tampered. As Saturn, Sonic and Sing went with Colin, he felt left out, so I sent him to find "daddy". Off he shot off, but after a few hundred yards, he changed direction, instead of turning right where Colin and the others went, he turned left! He ran so fast that he almost disappear, all I can see was the grass moving. I was very nervous and kept calling him, the more I called, the more he ran further! In a panic, my tone changed and I can't see anymore grass moving. I nearly got heart attacked! Probably the others also sense my tone change, they ran towards me and then I saw Sizzle running back this way. He met the others half way. Phew! What a scared! Since then, Colin called him "small brain! LOL!

P/S: Seagull and Sipzie sleep in the crate at night. 

Sizzle in the long grass

 Bright eye, small brain? LOL


Chris and Ricky said...

Well he is a small dog - LOL! But my Sizzle is smart, I am sure!!

Vonnie said...

Awww poor wee Sizzle! He must have went into a blind panic! Come live with Auntie Yvonne :)

Priscilla said...

Small dog, big heart : )

corbinwooten said...

What a cute story! I love that you are trying to sleep in all the rooms. And how funny that they came one by one to find you.