Wednesday, June 20, 2012

all grown up now!

Mai handsome boy Sonic and his sister Brooke turned 15 months yesterday! Where did all the times go? We had a lesson with Bernadette yesterday and he worked so well. He definitely has grown up and is going through adolescent at the moment. He is still very good at his recall but is getting more distracted or should I say ... have his own mind? The only time that he will not come to me when call is time to go home after walk!

this picture taken yesterday after we came back from a long day out, he looked very tired but still very handsome :) I thought I must take a picture of my 15 months old boy.

this is one of my favourite Sonic puppy picture, taken in Burgehead, Scotland last August when he was 20 weeks old.

To get him to post a standing still photo is never easy and to be honest, all my shelties are so active, a stand still photo is abnormal for us :)  
so, here go some action shots:

We better get full used of the good weather, here are more from the boys ...

I just loved this lightweight frisbee, present from Silky. Not only that it is gentle to the shelties teeth but it also fly low easily. I've learned from my experienced and I am aware the way I play with my shelties now. Although, occasionally I still like to throw a ball/frisbee high up in the air for them to catch but I control myself for making such a bad habit for the safety of the dog's health. This frisbee flies low and it stays in one direction and the boys still enjoy catching it in the low air! Thank you Silky!!


Sara said...

Your boys sure know how to have a good time!

Diana said...

Love all the frisbee pictures.

Puppies sure to grow up quickley, huh.

Priscilla said...

Happy boys!

Vonnie said...

Selective hearing then LOL! Handsome boy :) Great pics :)