Monday, January 23, 2012

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We got back late from Canada last evening ... nope, NOT that Canada, but the Canada in Hampshire, England. Sometimes these same names confused me A LOT. I remembered the first time I came across Washington in West Sussex. I've ordered some pvc jumps and weave poles for garden used. That was many years ago when I first started training Sing. I haven't got a Sat Nav, so I was rather confused this "Washington" is in America! This tells you how bad my sense of directions are! Then, later, I heard there is New Jersey and Little Hampton but they are in America!

I think English is a funny language, they repeat the same names so many times and too often. I've known a few Colin living in this area and there are about 10 of my friends named Patrick!!! Phew! Most Chinese names are unique and of course there are some common names too but the chances of same Chinese name is very rare!

I've booked a puppy/teenage dog training training day with Lesley Olden down in Romsey. She was very close to New Forest. We always like the walk at New Forest, so we took all the dogs down there. It was quite windy during training and the walk too. The sun was in and out, basically a good dry day but windy and brrrr .. cold. 

I will make a separate post about Sonic's puppy training with Lesley Olden. This post is all about our lovely walk and some photos ...

 this photo of Sonic chasing the tennis ball is slightly out of focus but I won't want to edit/crop as I think it looks very nice with the beautiful landscape behind him
 Sonic is a very happy dog, just like his daddy Sing and mama Samber. They definitely has passed on the happy gene to him. I have never thought I will get a picture of him running this fast and showing his hind legs crossing the front legs ... if you are on Silvia Trkman's "running contacts January", you will know what I mean.
Sonic is having a ball :D
I like this photo of him because it shows he has COAT, in reality, he hasn't :(
As we walked along, we met so many wild ponies but this one in particular is VERY friendly. I am always scared of horses/ponies but I can feed her and stroke her and she was very calm and let me do everything. She even go VERY close to the shelties without scaring them or harm them. I guess all my shelties are very calm that helps.
This photo is of Colin and Sipzie trying to lure the pony to follow us back to the car. Hahaha ...
This reminded me many years ago when we only have Sing and Seagull, we went to New Forest quite a bit. We parked the car at the carpark. After our walk, we open up the car boot to fetch drinks and lunch, we have 3 gorgeous ponies tried to get into the car boot. It was hilarious and I was very scared then!
 Sonic is such a brave little guy, he approached the ponies carefully, calmly, gently and he managed to get so close to the pony and they actually have a little "kiss" but it was too dark and my flash didn't work so I missed that LOVELY moment.
 this is another picture of Sonic went up to a different pony to say his warm hello.
this is the lovely pony that I wish to take home :) maybe next time I should go with a truck so I can bring her home but how can I get her to come through the front door and not get stuck? Mmmm ...

and here are some of Little Miss Sipzie having fun ...
LOL! Yes, she still has the chewing gum stuck on her right ear, that is one very stubborn ear!!!

 Oh! and Saturn also has a stubborn year after nearly 7 years! Hahaha ...

 Water + Ball = Heaven for Sing!
always leading the way ...

 always so agile!

I am really happy to have my camera with me yesterday, I have a lot of good photos but I can't post them all up here :(

Just before I end this post, I've mentioned earlier that I've joined Silvia Trkman's "running contacts" distant learning. We have our first assignment and it took me two weekends to complete as I need Colin there to video us and here is our Lesson 1 video:


Vonnie said...

Lovely pics! nice cold day to blow the cobwebs away :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Your photos are fantastic! I love horses and would think it was so cool to be near that wild pony!

Sonic looks absolutely amazing on his running dogwalk already! Wow!! And terrific with his pivoting both directions!

Diana said...

Great pictures and lovely running contact. I love the power you put into throwing the ball. Your feet come off the ground when you throw. Awesome!

Sara said...

Wow! Your Sonic is really cool to watch!

I love your "action shots".