Wednesday, January 25, 2012

working wednesday #3

I took Sonic to a McTimoney Chiropractor to have him thoroughly check-up as I wasn't happy with his right hind leg. I didn't take him to the vet because I know he isn't in pain as he was running fine and tearing around like nothing has bother him. I know what the vet would said or suggest if I bring him in ... anti-inflammatory! Anyway, Susan Sargeant is highly recommended by our friend Lisa. Susan is lovely and she is only about 7 miles distance. I really like the way she treated Sonic, knowing Sonic is not "human-friendly". Sonic was relax and calm while treated, towards the end, he actually turned mellow! Mellow? Yes, I was very surprised of his reaction too.

Susan has a good assessment on him and told me his right side is very tight in many spots. I always think he is a clumsy dog. He is really crazy, although he didn't like people but he likes to jump up on me and bite my sleeve to tug and then landed badly on the side. Too many times that I can remember! Also, last Friday, I took him to train with Toni (because Sizzle wasn't well). He fell off the DW on the top plank. He was crazily fast (he loves contacts) and probably losing the balance. The good thing was he immediately run back up again with his usual speed without any hesitation. That is more reason that I would like to get him check over. The lovely Susan has done some adjustments (is that the right word?), so prescribed REST and QUIET! Damn! How can I keep this sheltie rest and quiet?

He was allow walk on the lead but Susan suggested not to take him anywhere he can run and chase squirrels/rabbits ... so we didn't go out yesterday. The weather was absolutely poorly anyway, bitterly cold rain all day, so there is more reason not to go out, instead, I decided to wash and blow dry the shelties. The boys were alright but the two girls were fighting with me in the bath and when blow dry! Hmmm ...

Also, I thought I could teach him a new trick or two to keep his mind busy. You all know how difficult he being a puppy, not liking me to touch his paw or any part of the body. I have done so much clicker with him, just to make him come and sit on my lap and all sort of things that you can think about but whenever we come to "touching", he runs miles! I always wanted to teach him tricks involving his rear end awareness and the one that I would like to try most is the to get him to give me his hind legs. As he is so sensitive about his body, I couldn't get close to him or even using a foreign object as a training aid, so I have left the trick once again. Yesterday, I thought it's about time I try that again. JACKPOT! He is so clever, and he picked that up almost immediately. I was really impressed. 

This video was taken this morning and it's his second attempt. I used "leg" for his right hind leg and "kick" for left hind leg. When I first started it, it was the right hind leg and my automatic reaction is "leg" and when I watched back the videos, I've realised it should be the other way round. He looks more like "kick" with his right hind leg and "leg" with left hind leg. Oh Well!


corbinwooten said...

Wow! Very impreesive. I'm not even sure how to teach that. Did you just start clicking for slight movements?

I'm a bit behind in my blog reading, but I've really enjoyed your last few entries! :)

Rosie Ison said...

Oh dear Lian, I'm sorry Sonic fell off the dog walk :-( however it has a really good non slip surface. I use Coovah non slip paint and it's one of the very best non slip paints out there for contact equipment. It's not so bumpy and textured as sand and paint but its never slippy. I take safety very seriously especially as I teach other people, and the only time anyone else has fallen off is when the dog has been put on at a bad angle. Maybe it was because , as you say, it's aluminium ( which they still make) and therefore a little more springy so that may have upset his balance. Just a well to get him checked out though, very sensible :-)
Hope it doesn't put you off coming again ?

Sara said...

We are doing lots of leg lifts right now too! Sonic is a fast learner :)

Oreo is soooo relaxed at his chiro dr's visits. I think the dogs quickly figure out that this human is making them feel better.

Hope Sonic is feeling back to 100% soon.

Vonnie said...

Oh what a maddie he is, as long as he is okay. Loved how Sipzie was looking through the window! My two don't like the blow dryer! I had my fight with Ellie tonight she is a nightmare to groom legs pushing, lying on her back I'm shattered when we get it done!