Thursday, January 05, 2012

storm casualty

We resumed training at Pachesham this morning. I was so looking forward to it. We had a good break in December, it does the shelties good to have a break after a full season of agility. I missed training very much. I know I can get very lazy once I've stopped. 

We are training in the indoor sands school at the moment. We have had this stormy weather for the last couple of days. The HIGH wind speed has done some big damage and killed a few people. Our garden is right in the mess at the moment. The jumps were flying around and the garden plastic chairs were everywhere.

Sadly, Sizzle got injured today by the high wind. We were doing a sequence, one of the jump kept blowing down. Unfortunately, the jump wing hit Sizzle when he took the jump. He did a tight turn to take the next jump, so the heavy jump wing crashed into him. I didn't take much notice then because he carried on and I thought he was brave and quite happy with him not bother by it. Only when he took the last jump and he started limping back to me then I realised he got knocked!

He won't put his left front leg down for a while but didn't seems too bad then. After our class, we went walking in Oxshott Common, our usual routine on Thursday. He was walking slowly for a couple of hundred yards, then he got further and further back ... I beginning to get worry. I called him, he came to me very slowly, extremely slowly. I picked him up and carry him around. I can feel the heat coming out from the leg. I got concern. This is the last thing I want now! I rang the vet and made an appointment.

Vet Liz checked on him, she said nothing is broken (thank God for that!) but she is not happy with the toes area but she agreed with me the heat actually come from the arm area. She reckon is kinda of bruise, so she gave him an anti-inflammatory jab and 5 days of caprieve. Complete rest for him and recheck on Saturday. Poor boy is looking very sorry for himself.


corbinwooten said...

Oh no! Poor Sizzle! I'm glad that it doesn't appear to be anything too serious, but I know you'll feel much better when Sizzle is feeling back to normal.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I am sorry to hear that Sizzle got injured - fingers crossed for the sweet boy to recover quickly!

Jolanda said...

Oh Sizzle, I hope you feel better soon. Skye sends her uncle lots of kisses!

Pasha said...

Ah what a cutie pie. I hope he feels better soon.

Vonnie said...

Awww wee Sizzle, such a brave boy. Hope you are feeling better soon. Wee sis sends healing licks x

Rosie Ison said...

OH NO Lian. I know how you feel having Fozzie injured at the moment and I don't really know what he's done !

Keepiing fingers crossed for dear Sizzle