Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sizzle update, Sonic TD and me cripple!

Thank you for all your emails asking about Sizzle. He was very quiet on Friday and would not eat. Big Thanks to Lisa for offering Reiki to Sizzle. She was wonderful with him, Sizzle went away happily and content. Although he was quiet on Friday night but he perk up on Saturday. Back to his old self, very cheeky and playful. I was very careful with him, not to get him too excited but today, he was very happy in the morning and went all quiet in the afternoon :( He has to go back to the vet for check-up tomorrow afternoon. 

poor Sizzle :(

Yesterday, I took Sonic to Hannah Banks' Co-Blanaced class. We wanted to attend this class for months but everytime it's on, we have something pre-booked and could not attend. Sonic's clever sister Brooke attended the November class and really enjoyed it and she was so clever and brilliant at it. Sonic was a good little boy, I am very happy that he worked through distractions (from other dogs) beautifully. I am so proud that when he putting his working head on, nothing could distract him. He just wanted to WORK all the time. Well, he many be crazy but I love him. We did ladder work to start with. Sonic was brilliant, he knew exactly what to do, he work through all his four feet. We then moved on to Cavaletti and Sonic again was very good at it. He didn't rush any of them and he walked through them carefully and lifting all his four feet. We also do figure of eight with cones. Sonic loves the wobble board. That is his favourite. I just can't get him off the wobble boards!! We also did "elephant tricks" to make him aware of his hind legs and the peanut shape wobble cushion to make him aware of his front legs as well as the hind legs. This is the first time he saw a peanut wobble cushion and I was really surprised how good he is with it. 

Sonic on peanut cushion:

We didn't get many videos as Colin was busy making tea/coffee for everyone. He was so happy to has another job other than cameraman! You can read all about Hannah's Co-Balanced on here.

And lastly, I have an injured right arm. I don't know how I sprint/twist it. I've only realised my arm got heavier everytime I used it, that involved a small task like brushing my teeth in the morning to feeding the dogs and brushing them. It really got stiff lately and while I took Sizzle to Lisa on Friday, she gave ma Reiki as well. I have to say, since the Reiki, my arm feels freely a little bit, at least I can change/dress without a big effort but this morning, when I let Miss Zoombie out, BTW, that is Scara's new nick name because she only zooming around and not walking around, she knocked/trip me over and I lost my balanced. I fell onto a wall, so naturally I used my arm to support me but everything was a blur and I knocked my elbow hard. I ended up in the hospital on Sunday morning looking very grumpy and agony. The doctor gave me 10 days of high dose Ibuprofen and said I have "frozen shoulder"! Arrrggghhh ...


Vonnie said...

Awww look at Sizzle he looks content. Clever Sonic, handsome boy. Hope your arm gets better soon.

Priscilla said...

Hope Sizzle is getting better soon.

Bravo to Sonic!

Hope your 'frozen shoulder' is having a speedy recovery too!

Hugs to you and Sizzle!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to hear Sizzle is doing better but so sorry about your arm!! That is terrible! Hope it gets better soon!