Friday, January 27, 2012

Fitness Friday

I think I am getting a bit "too sensitive" on my dogs' health. Since Sizzle and I got picked for WAO Team England, the first thing in my mind is to get him and myself fit for this event. Unfortunately, things keep going wrong ... I fell ill just before Christmas and injured my arm and Sizzle has not been 100% fit. Everytime when I started to practice see-saw and polish his running DW in the garden, I realised he isn't running full power. Apart from him usual sensitive tummy problem which I think we are fixing it now by feeding raw. Took him to club training, he was on and off for 3 weeks and just yesterday, he started measuring jump! Oh dear Lord! I am going crazy! We haven't been able to train properly. I seriously hope we can get to some serious training in February!

I have been doing some "fitness" training with all dogs this winter, it is hard work and tiring especially I have to work all SEVEN of them. I can only do one dog at a time but I enjoy that. It is good fun and we all learned things together which I think that is brilliant to strengthen my relationship with all of them. The shelties love the exercise too. 

I am running out of exercise ideas and I was hoping some blogger friends can join in with me to keep their dogs fit as well, so I would like to play a pass-on game, so hopefully we can have more dogs to join and have more exercise ideas ...

I am going to start off with my new fitness exercise, this is to strengthen the core muscle. I recently purchased this Dome Ball, it is very similar to Bosu Ball, so you guess it, it is not cheap at all but the shelties deserved some posh equipment :)

I have my week 1 model ... Little Miss Sipzie:

I am going to pick 4 of my shelties blogger friends to play this fitness game, you don't have to play if you do not wish to ...

Shelties No 1: Oreo & Chewy

Shelties No 3: Ricky

Shelties No 4: Bentley & Lexi


Sara said...

Sipzie has great balance! I want one of those dome balls. That looks really difficult.

Right now Oreo and I are using his disc balance ball to work on a new trick. I'll try and post a video soon :)

Vonnie said...

It's typical when you try things always happen. What to do is relax, be patient & think pawsitive, things will then fall into place :)

corbinwooten said...

I was out of the country and almost missed your post!

I will try to do video some exercises of my two. It's definitely a good thing to keep up in the winter when it's hard to do things outside.

Chris and Ricky said...

Sorry Lian - I am a little behind in reading posts so I just saw this one! Sipzie looks fantastic on that dome ball (which is really cool, btw!). Love how she can sit up on it!

I have been slacking on real fitness with Ricky but will think about it and try to participate in your challenge! Thanks for asking us!