Monday, January 16, 2012

Sizzle update and a bit of Sipzie ...

I THINK in general Sizzle is getting better. He started to perk up on the weekend after spending the whole week acting like a yoyo. He was good for an hour in the morning, then spent the whole day lying down and does not want to know anything. Although he is not a greedy dog but I can't get him to show any interest in his favourite treats :(  He has been acting like that from Monday to Friday and I was beginning to get really worry. The vet suggested I walk him on the lead but I don't really need that, he walked really slowly, even a 10 year old Sing and 9 year old walk faster than him :)  He didn't even want to chase the crows ...

On Saturday, he woke me up wanting to play with his toy. Good sign, I thought. We had a little play, he was happy and I was happy. We went out for a nice crispy morning walk. He was a little happier at walk, although not chasing rabbits/squirrels/crows. Same thing on Sunday. All good!

We went to Lisa for another Reiki today, thanks Lisa for making Sizzle and me feel better :)

See, not all my group photos are good. This is the time, when some shelties refused to look the same way! Obviously, Sonic and Sizzle got distracted as there was a dog running around that direction. It is good that they STAY and not moving at inch! At the end, I gave up taking the "good" photo. 
You can see from this picture that Sizzle was so much happier. This photo was taken on Sunday morning walk.

After our lovely morning walk, we set off to Scrambles for Toni Dawkins' Training Day. I like Toni, she is one of the top handlers in the UK and is very successful in the Agility with her Border Collies. Toni used to have Sheltie, that was many years ago, well before I know her. Toni's mum got two lovely shelties. I only just came across the training day and was lucky to get a place. As Sizzle was not 100%, I decided to train Sipzie. 

I am thinking to give Sipzie a little rest this year, not doing too much agility with her. I think when I got her at 9 months old, I lost the puppyhood and the bond/relationship with her. That time, I probably rushing too much to get her into competition and I have realised after one agility season, she wasn't very happy or confidence at some shows and her running Dog Walk has become a disaster towards the end of the season. I am hoping to continue doing training and doing tricks to build up her confidence and also decided to go back to 2o/2o on the DW.

Our DW is progressing slowly and I am rushing it. I think I want her fully understand the criteria and she is doing great at the moment. I am hoping when I get her on the full DW, I can start doing a bit of training with her at UKA shows as well. 

She was a good girl, doing really well at Toni's training day yesterday. I am really pleased with her, although she can get a little wild and crazy but I like the way she is. Colin tried to film all our rounds/sequences but I think our little video camera is packing up. It sometimes get blurry and won't go back to clear screen for a long time. I think I need to invest a new video camera :(  

Here are a couple of sequence we did yesterday. I really like to learn the European funny turn properly!


corbinwooten said...

Glad to hear that Sizzle seems to be getting better. I hope he starts improving faster, poor guy.

How is your arm feeling?

I really liked the's nice to see how you teach the European turn. I've never tried anything like that.

Rosie Ison said...

Wow Lian, she's certainly sped up a lot :-) Well done !

Vonnie said...

Good to hear Sizzle is on the mend :)
yip those turns are dizzy :)

Diana said...

Poor Sizzle, I hope he his now on the up swing of this thing.
Sipzie looks really great!!