Friday, January 13, 2012

Sizzle update and a bit here and there ...

Sorry I haven't been update about Sizzle. My right arm is still very stiff and sometimes painful is not helping me wanted to go anywhere near a keyboard. Sizzle is up and down. One day he is fine, bright as a button and the next day he could be all quiet and lay down on his bed, not wanted to know the world! I took him back to the vet for a check up on Monday where he got more pain killer and prescribed with longer rest! He is allow lead walking which I don't really restrict to as he is very slow and clam at walk these days, so that is fine with me. I haven't done any training with him, of course but we did some tricks to keep his mind stimulate while physically resting.

handsome boy at walk this morning, not very happy as you can see from his face :(

here is him with the energetic Sonic

My right arm is still not 100% function yet. Well, it is better than before. At least I can brush my teeth and brush the dogs slowly. I still cannot carry heavy stuff or putting pressure on it. Mixing the dog meat and biscuits is a struggle and I realise how "bad" my left hand is. It is absolutely useless. I just can't do what I want to do with my left hand. I can certainly feel for the disabled now. I get very frustrated with my right hand.

We have frost this morning, the first one of 2012! The weather has been very mild this winter, it didn't feel like winter at all but this morning, we woke up at -1c. I took the boys out and the sun was shinning. We had a little stroll in Mitcham Common and took a few photos. Taking photos with the heavy camera made my right hand ache so I didn't take that many but here are a few ...

 Saturn found a stix
 he is always the photogenic sheltie
and one from the proud daddy ... one of the pups have been born today :D
he is hoping this little boy will like ball as much as he does :))

Mai boy Sonic is nearly 10 months old now

I've taught Sonic Channel Weave back in October, not a serious taught really, just a play with agility equipment. I want to get him to get used to different type of equipments when he is young so he won't be afraid of anything in future. He's always been a brave boy and take things into his stride. He took on the channel weave very quickly without much help. I didn't do too much last year and soon the Channel Weave got put away. Last weekend, I pulled it out again. Sonic hasn't forgot what he learned in October and soon, I get to close it up to 8" wide. We have been doing on Monday and Tuesday on the 8" wide, different angles of the entries and swing around; then I closed it up to 6" on Wednesday and did the same things with him. He was really good and I am very happy with it. I have never been a Channel Weave person and I don't really know how to teach Channel Weave properly so I decided I should proceed to V Weave at some point. 

 Sonic on Channel Weave:

I took the V Weave out on Thursday, open it up really wide, the poles were almost touching the ground. I remembered when I taught Saturn, Sizzle and Sipzie the V Weave, they took the time, especially Sizzle. I even have to run Saturn over it so he saw him going through and realised it is safe for him to go through those poles and metal base. He never was an easy dog to teach weave with. Instead of 12 poles, we stuck on 6 poles for a very long time. 

I thought Sonic will have issue on the V Weave because of the metal base that he has to run on but to my surprised, NO trouble at all and he proceed very quickly. I did the send on with the toy from 3rd pole, 5th pole, 7th pole, 9th pole and 12th pole, he did everything perfectly and even with the recall, he never missed any pole or popping out. Good sign! I close up bit by bit and I am happy to what we are now (still very wide). Sonic is not even 10 months old yet so I would not like him to do too much of weaving yet.

Sonic on V Weave:

The videos are not brilliant, imagine I have to throw the ball with my useless left hand and almost everytime I throw the ball at the camera! Doh! I've also noticed one thing that I haven't follow. I should have put the lead on Sonic to do the swing around on V Weaves, that is to restrain him to find the entry. He got the entry everytime but he just can't collect himself at the 2nd pole. I love video, that's how I can see my mistake! Oh, you noticed I haven't practice the right hand side? I did, it's just that everytime I throw the ball, the ball hit the camera!!!! I need my right hand back to normal!!


Diana said...

So sorry about your arm and Sizzle. I hope both of you feel better soon.

Vonnie said...

Awww wee Sizzle :( & poor you :(
Handsome Saturn, he is so proud :)
Super Sonic certainly is a daddy's boy, loves his tennis ball & clever :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry Sizzle is still not feeling well and so sorry about your right hand/arm! I know what you are going through so I totally sympathize. Hang in there!

Sara said...

I thought you did pretty good throwing!

I'm having fun using the channel with Chewy. I am amazed at how quick he learns.

Sonic is doing great!

Priscilla said...

Congratulations to Sing! All the best to his little boy.

Hope your arm gets a speedy recovery and paws and fingers are crossed tightly for Sizzle.

corbinwooten said...

I hope that your arm feels better soon--sounds very frustrating. I hope Sizzle is better soon too.

I used channel weaves in combination with V weaves (I call them weaveomatics) and really like using both.

Looks like Sonic is doing great!