Wednesday, January 04, 2012

working wednesday #1

Although Sonic is weird meeting people, he is very interested in people who totally IGNORE him, he will want to jump up on them to say hello and let them pet him but when a dog friendly person wanted to say hello to him, he will back off! Sonic is a very clever little dog, he works things out very quickly and is a keen worker. He can easily switch from food to toy or toy to food. I bought him this Nina Ottosson Dog Interactive toy "casino" for Christmas. I originally wanted to get the "twister" but all places online have sold out or discontinued, so I ended up with "casino". I think this "casino" and "twister" are similar level of difficulty.

I show him how to work this on Christmas Day, we played for 10 minutes and put them away; then again on Boxing Day for 10 minutes; then on New Year's Day for 10 minutes and this is what I get this evening, without me interacting with him. He works it all out on his own.


corbinwooten said...

Wow, Sonic! You are very clever.

I thought about getting the Nina Ottosson Dog Brick for my two, but thought it might be too hard for Bentley and too easy for Lexi!

Have any of your other pups tried it?

Lian said...

@ corbinwooten, I have quite a few of the interactive toys and I always bring them out every now and then to "test" the shelties. I've also gave them to my litter of puppies to play with when they are 5/6 weeks onwards, it is good to stimulate their minds. The little ones are very clever :)

Priscilla said...

Super clever Sonic!

Jordan's K9s said...

wow clever Sonic. x

Jolanda said...

Super Sonic! You're such a clever boy. When I hear this song I always have think about this crazy guy's performance:

Vonnie said...

Love the song choice :) Clever boy!