Tuesday, January 03, 2012

End of holiday

Colin took a week off work between Christmas and New Year. It was very good for him to shake the stressed off working in a very stressful environment and go out walking with the dogs. We were very lucky the weather has been so mild in December, although some days it was a big wet but nothing stopping us for some good long walks.

Also, it is very good for the shelties to be able to spend some quality times with their daddy. Colin goes out before 7am every week day and didn't come home until 8pm or 9pm, sometimes even later. The shelties really enjoyed having him, an extra lap to lean on :)

This is one of our lovely walks with The Hennessy @ Banstead Wood/Common:

Just before the end of 2011, we got to meet up with Savannah, aka Sweep, a Sing x Sunny pup @ Nonsuch Park to celebrate Seagull's Ninth Birthday. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't good that day. It was very gloomy and overcast and we did some spell of rain during our walk but all the shelties enjoyed it. It was very good to see Savannah, she just turned 13 weeks that day when we met up. She was very bold like I expect her to be. She was happy to meet all dogs, big or small in the park. Most of all, she was so happy to see her big brother Sonic. They had a lovely play together.

 such an effort to take this photo, Savannah and Scara's wait is so limited. I've taken many too many with either Savannah missing on the picture of Scary. When I got ALL in the picture, they don't all look this way! Grrr ...

 Savannah @ 13 weeks
 meeting a pug
 Savannah: I saw something big coming this way ...
 Oh! He is huge!

 playing with big brother Sonic:
 funny enough, all Sing's babies like to chase crows!!!

To finish off Colin's holiday, we were so lucky to have a lovely sunny morning yesterday where we could take the shelties for another long walk. We walked locally, crossing Mitcham and Pollards Hill, we've walked for 3-4 hours, starting with Pollards Hill (very steep hill), then round to Mitcham Common, we've walked 3 pieces of the Common lands. It was very enjoyable until Scara started rolling on the fox poo, then soon follow by Sonic. YUK! Oh, to top it worst, Sipzie did her share at the end of our walk! WELL, three of them have a full bath which they hate! Sonic isn't bad but the two girls take a lot of effort to wash them. Sonic hates the blow dry bit but Sipzie loves it and Scary? Mmmm ... you know what I am going to say.

 The KNIGHTs Shelties on top of Pollards Hill

 Seagull and Scara, such a lovely pair :)

 I always worried to have two puppies growing up together as I am sure one of them will have more attention than the others. I had experienced that once with Saturn and Titan, although Colin said that Titan is his dog. I never want to go down that road again but we did that again. This time, Colin is very sure Scara is his dog and he determined to train her his way :) To be honest, I think having two puppies growing up together is such a lovely thing, especially Sonic and Scara both getting on so well. They love and adore each other. It is so good to see them playing together. I don't want it other way.

two pups "bullied" uncle Seagull

 Sing show off his jumping in the air catching ball skill
 the only thing that makes him happy ... tennis ball
 Sonic is getting obsess with ball like his daddy
 ... and this jumping in the air catching ball skill
 Sonic is the clown in the family
 ... teasing uncle Sizzle
 happy girl
 Oooops! Not quite get the ball
 Sonic: Don't worry Scary, I'll catch it for you.
 Typical Sing x Samber baby ... prick ears like daddy Sing and rolling in the fox poo like mama Samber!

why holiday has to end so soon? 

Colin is back to work now and I am back to my old routine. It's hard getting up this morning but I know it will get better and I have WAO to look forward to!


corbinwooten said...

Your photos are all beautiful!

Priscilla said...

Look how Sonic caught the ball! He's like his dad!!! Sonic has grown so much, he is a young man now.

Those shelties play pictures are gorgeous, Lian. I miss them a lot now.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Fabulous photos! Glad you and Colin got some time to relax together. Back to real life now for all of us. :)

Sara said...

What a fantastic time had by all!