Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New arrival

We are pleased to announced Sing x Skye puppy dog App arrived safely on Friday, the 13th, born only 4oz. Although he is tiny at birth but he is very strong, he put on weight nicely and at Day 4, he weight 5.9oz! Skye is a good mama, as she always is. 

He is full brother to beautiful Silky. I have quite a few people asking me if I am superstitious? The answer is NO. I feel blessed to have this little boy, although he is a singleton again! I think I can top the breeder chart of breeding "singleton" sheltie puppy!

Skye was scanned for two puppies, we can only think she reabsorbed the other one. For whatever reason. Skye is very content with this little boy. Both of them are still with Chris & Gail who own Skye, they will come back to me next week and I am so looking forward to have a puppy running around the house again for a few weeks. I am sure big brother Sonic would like to play with him.

photos on Day 4:


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Awww bless gotta' love Skye beautiful dog :)

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