Friday, August 24, 2012

a little agility break ... Part 2 The Final

The weather has been good at DiNAS if not a bit too hot for me! I nearly suffered a heat stroke! On Tuesday evening, we have a little sheltie meeting, Sally & Paul came over with Tig, Samber and little 'Lil. You won't believe that Sonic was so attach to his mama when he was little (there is no way I can wean him off with Samber around) and now don't want to know her. He accepted her like any other sheltie he met.

On Wednesday, I've decided to give Sizzle another go to see if he is ok to run. The first class was the G7 Agility. I walked the course and I like the challenge of this course. You have to send your dog into the tunnel underneath the DW into the weave the other side. I know I can do that and I am really confidence about Sizzle is able to pick up the weave on his own. The judge has stick a note on the DW saying No running underneath the DW (the handler) or step over the DW. I have to laugh at that note because I have seen many unsuccessful G7 dogs unable to do distance/layer handling like this. 

Well, we didn't run clear unfortunately. Sizzle pop out at 8th pole. The judge set a 9 poles weave. I redo the weave and Sizzle pop out 8th pole again the 2nd time; so I decided to leave it. I got worried from Tuesday that he pop out at 7th pole. Apart from that little mistake, he ran well. Again, after that run, I was back to my worry self, not sure if that is his lower back problem or the upset tummy problem and decided to leave the Jumping and concentrate to get him better for Friday's Championship. 

Sizzle @ Wednesday, G7 Agility:

At the mean time, I was busy running around the showground trying to watch all Sing's puppies competing.  There were four Sing's puppies competing that week. Tig & Skye are Sonic's full sisters from Samber's first litter; Frenzi & Ace are Rumor puppies bred by Jayne Bray.

Tig was injured last year and had a season out recovering, she came back good and winning. She has her last win into Grade 7 at DiNAS. She is a cracking little dog, very driven and noisy :) We are so proud of Sal & Tig. 

Skye is Tig's litter sister. She only started Agility training last year and competing this year. She did so well with Jolanda being a beginner handler. She is also driven and noisy :) We are so proud of them coming this far in such a short time. 

Both girls qualified for the DiNAS Final on Thursday together with Frenzi and Ace as well.  Skye ran first in Grade 1-2 Final. I was warned to stay out of the way when Skye and Tig run. These puppies love me too much that I have become the biggest distraction to them! In the normal classes, Skye has tried to run out to see me twice and Tig was wild when I was around watching :)

I so wanted to see my puppies run but I can only watch them on the video (thank God they are not running out to see Colin!). Jolanda and Skye started the Final well with an unbeatable run. They have the fastest clear round in Grade 1-2. 

Skye @  G1-2 Final:

Jolanda and Skye, the winner of Small Grade 1 Final

 Jolanda and Skye in the Final
(sorry for this poor photo as I have to take the photos from my hidden spot)

Jolanda and Skye on the Podium

Sally and Tig were the first one to run at Grade 6-7 Final. Sally is an experienced handler, eventhough Tig is her first small dog, but she handled her beautifully. They were very unfortunate to mark on the see-saw, they had the 2nd fastest time of all but still good enough to come 4th!

Sal & Tig @ G6-7 Final:

 Sal & Tig in the Final
(sorry for this poor photo as I have to take the photos from my hidden spot)

Sal & Tig prize giving

I missed Ace's Final run, I was on my way to the ring and just about to watch him finished off the last 3 jumps :( He ran clear and came 2nd in G4. Very well done to Ace and his clever handler Kelsey.

 22 months old handsome Ace coming 2nd in G4 Final

 Ace with his clever handler Kelsey

Ace in action!

Ace's litter sister Princess Frenzi also made it to the Final, she is also a cracking little sheltie, highly driven and crazy. They did a smashing round, unfortunately she pop out of the weave, otherwise, another unbeatable run! 

Frenzi @ G4-5 Final

Princess Frenzi in the Final

Daddy Sing is so proud of all his children doing well in The Final, this is him after being a cheer leader all day :)

to be continued

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