Thursday, August 23, 2012

a little agility holiday ... Part 1

Last week, we went to DiNAS (Dogs In Need) Agility week. I have planned to go camping at this show long time ago as one of Sing x Samber's puppy Skye is coming from The Netherlands to compete. I really wanted to see Skye, so we agreed to meet and camp together. Everything went well, until the day we were about to set off to camping. I came home in tears with Sonic from the vet. I have mentioned in the earlier post about the vet wasn't happy with his lower back and wanted to perform an xRay. The original xRay schedule on the Wednesday but later that day, we had to reschedule due to some unforeseen circumstances. We only have 30 minutes to pack as I've taken everything out from the caravan thinking that we were unable to go. Well, everything went haywire ... but we managed to hit the road around 6pm, fighting through M25 traffic, thinking the Gate close at 9pm.

We got there at 8:45pm, we got in ok but the booking closed at 8pm! Tough! We weren't allow in to pitch up until the next morning. We had to park the caravan by the side. We only have a little caravan, it was fully loaded and we are unable to sleep. I was really grumpy! I was upset with Sonic's problem, haven't been thinking straight since we got back from the vet and now we got stuck outside, not being able to pitch up. I was in tear and very emotional and ready to turn back and go home for good!

While I was annoyed with the situation, Jolanda (Skye's mummy) and Sally (Tig's mummy) came to comfort me, they made me stay. I love my puppies and I came all the way just to see them compete. I just have to calm myself down (not easy!) and hopefully the daylight come sooner so I can pitch up. I have to say, whoever that booked me in in the morning was very nice. I knew I was pushy, I actually pushed him to pitch me up at 6:30am!

Thank God, I got everything done in an hour, so I can go and walk my courses. I have to say, I was very tired, with no sleep and still worried about Sonic, I was like a zombie. Sizzle has pair with Dinky Dutch, a very nice speedy little tri boy for his first class. I was rather nervous as we have not done much agility this year and I am certainly very rusty with my handling. Sizzle has no formal training since March and I have done very little with him at home. Even so, he was jumping much lower in the garden than he should be at the KC show. 

Michele and Dinky Started off well, they ran a fast clear; pressure on me. I am so glad that Sizzle was a good little boy, he ran clear too, probably not his usual speedy self but good enough to put our pair into 4th place!

Sizzle and Dinky Dutch pairs:

Very proud boys ... Sizzle and Dinky Dutch

God knows that was our only rosette of the entire week, as we are getting worst ...

Soon after the pairs, we ran in the G7 Jumping. For some reason, Sizzle suddenly lost his speed after jump #4, he then tip toe into the cloth tunnel and weave funnily and pulled out at 7th pole! I wasn't sure why but I picked him up and thank the judge and walked out. My immediate thought was he hurt his lower back again, but later, I found out he had serious upset tummy! I rested him for that day and didn't do the Agility run. 

Poor boy really had a bad tummy, he was absolutely fine when we left home on Monday evening. He asked to go to toilet a few times on Tuesday night. 

At DiNAS, you are allow 2 runs per dog per day, one Agility and one Jumping, hence a relaxing Agility break. Some days, you get to have an extra run if you do the pairs like we did on Tuesday with Dinky. As I scratch the Agility run with Sizzle, I actually finished by 9am! We had the entire day relaxing and catching up with friends that I have not seen this year!

to be continued

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