Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hunting for ... Wenlock and Mandeville

As we are moving out of London (WooHoo!), I thought I would like to take the shelties to visit Tower Bridge and a few London landmarks. I've in London for 11 years now and I hardly go into the City. I can't even remember the last time I went, probably 3 or 4 years ago? I hate travelling, especially with the underground. I am not a great traveller at all, I am easily sick with any public transport, this is the main reason that I never go into the City. We don't drive into London for many reasons, NO parking, expensive car park, congestion charges ... so the best option is by bus/train/underground. 

Colin and I have been planning to take Sonic and one of the boys to London on Thursday, but we were so lazy and we decided we will stay in; then Friday comes and gone. Last night, Colin asked if I am seriously wanted to take Sonic into London, I was still 50/50. Part of me wanted to go so much, as I know soon we move away from London, we will never going to pay a special trip to visit London. I am going camping at DiNAS next week, so our time is running out; but the other part of me says ... it's too hot, it's too crowded for the dogs, it's this ... it's that ... Anyway, we woke up this morning and I said out loud: Let's go and hunt for Wenlock!

I was planning to take Saturn with Sonic but Sizzle was very angry with me, he pushed passed the door and stand by the porch, gave me this stern look and I gave in. Colin said we can take him as well :) Lucky boy! We walked to Mitcham Eastfield to catch a train into London Victoria. 

 Boys waiting for the train @ Mitcham Eastfield

Arriving @ London Victoria Station

All boys travelled well in the train, they attract too much attentions! Almost everyone wanted to say hello to them. They were cooed over more than a baby can receives! Everywhere we walk pass, we could hear people saying how cute they are, we have to stop every 10 yards for people to pet/stroke/cuddle/take photos ... My eyes blink whenever I hear people said "sheltie". You won't believe how many people guessing their breed ... Collie? Lassie? I just shake my head and carried on.

I was trying to set the boys up for a photo but as you can see, all the others started taking photos of my dogs and some even pose themselves behind the dogs :)

The weather was glorious today, sunny but breezy, we walked in the shade, so the boys didn't get too hot. This is a superb weather for some good photos. Unfortunately, all the people around spoilt my photos! Everytime I set the boys up for a photo, all the people jump in front of me to take photos and some even pose themselves behind the dogs. Buckingham Palace is the worst, I didn't know there is an Olympic event going on there (I guess is a kind of marathon), the crowd is big, every inch of the ground has been taken. I found the green to set the boys up for photo and all my photos came out with people standing behind them! I am really annoyed!

Buckingham Palace

Colin and the boys in front of the Palace's gate

I think the worst was when I get Colin to pose with the boys in front of the Gate, there were tons of tourists going crazy. There is one particular group was absolutely lost control. They "hijack" my spot, they pushed me out while I was taking photos of my boys and they didn't even ask if that is ok but they start petting them and try to take the leads off Colin! I was really angry, I can see Sonic is very stressed as he doesn't like people. At the end, I have to be rude and push them away and hug my dogs. Then, I regret to go into the City!

We quickly removed ourselves from Buckingham Palace but everywhere we go, there's always lots of people ...

Our main spot is to go to Tower Bridge and Wenlock hunting. We got off at Victoria Station, walking into Buckingham Palace and carried on walking towards Big Ben, Westminter Abbey ...

Big Ben

 handsome Saturn @ Big Ben, Westminster Abbey

There is a display of all countries flag @ Big Ben, Westminster Abbey

I was rather distracted/disturbed by people today while taking photos. I like to have my own space and peace while taking photos, I hate RUSH. This is why the quality of this batch is pretty poor :( Funny thing is, when I see nobody taking photo, I set the boys up so I can have plenty of space and time to myself. The next minute, I saw people start clicking their cameras and wander in front and behind my dogs. Sizzle and Saturn are pretty well trained, they couldn't care less but baby Sonic finds distraction is very exciting, the people running around him and pigeons everywhere ... before I know it, people already asking if they can pose next to the dogs, even before I answer, they already pose themselves next to the dogs! Sigh ~

 House of Parliament/Westminster Abbey/Big Ben

 London Eye

House or Parliament/Westminster Abbey/Big Ben/London Eye/River Thames

As we cross the Lambeth Bridge, we spotted the Wenlock and Mandeville sculptures! Since the Olympic began, I never really got into the mood of following everything that is going on but only just yesterday, I started looking up where to go when I go into London and realised I actually quite like to take some photos of the Wenlock and Mandeville. Shamed that I only discovered that there is this Wenlock Trail after we came back, otherwise we will plan our route differently. Oh well ...

this is the first one we spotted on our London tour, Household Cavalry Mandeville @ Victoria Tower Garden

and this is the Victorian Wenlock @ Victorian Tower Garden

A to Z Wenlock with wind swept shelties @ Lambeth Bridge

Garden Wenlock with the House of Parliament on the background, just opposite Garden Museum

Lambeth Palace Mandeville

Doctor Wenlock with miserable Sizzle :) by River Thames

Tourist Mandeville by River Thames

Saturn being the Ceremonial Speaker Wenlock assistant :)

Sizzle is really fed up with his photos taken, you can see all his expression in this photo :)

I tried to take some "postcard" effect photo, not very successful :(

just as I tried to take more photos, there were this newly wed couple taking "wedding photos", this is the couple's photographer, she can't resist to say hello to the very cute Sizzle. Sizzle did what he usually do "deadly licks"! I know those who met Sizzle knew what I mean :)

London means tourist shops everywhere :)

I was so hot, wondering taking photo of this fountain made me cooler :)

Open Top London Tour Bus

I thought this Marriott Lion looks like he is smiling

Underwater Wenlock outside the Aquarium by London Eye

Big Ben Wenlock

As we stroll along South Bank, we saw so many street performers, they painted themelves in gold, silver, dressed up like Michael Jackson and many other famous figures.

street performer 1, I don't know what is this all about but weird!

 street performer 2

street performer 3, at least I know this is supposed to be Micheal Jackson :)

I have to be really tricky to take photos of them as they charge to whoever that take their photos :) I'd like to take most of them as they are really creative and some of them are beautifully done. There is this Mr Bean, he was really cute, just like the Mr Bean on the TV.

we then move on to Trafalgar Square. Even Sonic was too tired to chase the pigeons :)

can't resist to post this handsome photo of my boys!

Very tired boys with Trafalgar Wenlock, it's time to go home!

One last photo, I promised!

shelties: Please Mr Police, can you stop mummy taking more photos! Oh No! What? Now, daddy is taking photo :(

What? Daddy took us to the wrong station? NOooooo ...


corbinwooten said...

I think that is so neat that you live within a train's ride to such a neat, historic city. I went to London once when I was little but I don't remember it. My husband and I would like to go some day soon.

It sounds like some of your day was frustrating, I don't blame you. That would make me mad if people were pushing into my photos and crowding me and my dogs.

But, you did get some great pictures (love the ones of all your boys and the one where Sizzle looks fed up), and I know your dogs were happy to be out and about with you.

Sara said...

Just imagine how many people's photo albums your dogs will now be in! Years from now, they will look back and say, "Oh! Remember those adorable dogs we saw on our trip to London!" Your dogs should be hired to be ambassadors, as they are so welcoming :)

Thanks for bringing us along for the tour. It was fun!

Coco said...

This tour is what Coco and I want to do. I have to show this blog to daddy and tell him to take us. Love Silky

Vonnie said...

Sizzle in between the legs LOL! See what happens when you have cute dogs :)

Diana said...

Those Wenlock things are kinda weird. LOL My dogs would have never tolerated people coming up and touching them ( people that they didnt know). Your dogs are well behaved.

Chris and Ricky said...

What an awesome tour of London! It amazes me how the boys are willing to pose with some many objects. You got some great photos!