Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a little agility break ... Part 4 The End

A good time soon comes to the end. We had a great day on Thursday watching Sing's babies in the Final, follow by a brief Sing x Samber puppies reunion; a good walk in the Heath and we ended the night with a simple BBQ. 

 the boys and Skye walking in the Heath

Friday is the Champ Day. I was really looking forward to it, this is Sizzle's 2nd Champ of the year. He did a Champ early in the year (March), although he made it to the Final but we got faulted in the end. For a change, we have Champ Agility Qualifying round first. Normally, it's Champ Jumping first. Judge Lee Gibson set up a challenging course. I enjoyed Lee's courses, I have ran in many of his classes but never have a clear round YET!

The part that I worried the most is the weave entry but Sizzle picked the weave entry without any problem. There were a lot of dogs got eliminated for running up the A Frame instead of the tunnel but Sizzle only has eyes on the tunnel, this is why you hear me praising him like hell :) Sadly, Sizzle forgot the "in in in" and missed out the 2nd last jump :( Oh well, that's down to lack of training!

Sizzle @DiNAS Champ Agility:

I didn't run him in the Champ Jumping Qualifying round, as he was still having upset tummy. With an elimination, I know we won't be able to make it to the Final. I spent the rest of the days cheering for the Finalists and taking some photos. 

 this is a series of photos of Skye catching/hugging a toy:

 isn't she clever? 

 guarding her tent LOL

Sonic and Skye are full brother and sister from 2 different litters, they are very similar in too many ways ... Sonic is a bigger version of Skye in the outlook but not colour! They have very similar expression and personality, both very crazy and playful yet very gentle.

Daddy Sing and his babies

 Size does not matter, so long is a BALL :)


Tig in action with her mummy Sally

I was down to help on Saturday but I managed to run Sizzle first thing in the morning. He started well but sadly ran past a jump and followed by a bad handling to send him into the wrong end of the tunnel! WE SERIOUSLY NEED TRAINING! As we have already gone wrong, I decided to test his weave entry skill. The finish jump is the trap but good little weasel did me proud. I was very happy that we achieve that weave entry from such a distance and I made it very hard for him to find the flat entry!

Sizzle @ DiNAS Saturday G7 Agility:

That's the only run I did with Sizzle on Saturday. I didn't bother with the Jumping as it was too hot for me and I think a run a day is good for him for coming back from an injury. We did 2 jumping and 3 agility that week. I have to say, his see-saw was brilliant! Maybe a BREAK has done him good! He did 3 very good see-saw, no leaping off early, every single time, the see-saw hit the ground and there is only once he released before I tell him to. I am really very happy with him!

That conclude a GREAT week of Agility and catching up with Sing's babies. Can't wait for next year where Sonic is able to compete and more Sing's babies are coming!


corbinwooten said...

That was an AMAZING weave entry! Hooray Sizzle! I am glad he is back and healthy and running again. The timing and little things will come together once you get back into the groove together.

Sing's puppies are just beautiful and definitely have a "look"!

I just noticed that your a-frames are different over there than over here. Yours widen at the bottom, and ours are the same width from top to bottom.

Vonnie said...

Clever Sizzle! Great pics! A fab time you have had!