Wednesday, August 22, 2012


It has been an emotional week last week. I took Sonic for a follow up check up 2 weeks after the first appointment about his back right leg. He was on previcox for 2 weeks and he was a very good boy, calm and quiet and show no sign of discomfort. Just as thought he is fine but when the vet manipulate his lower back, he snatched at her twice at the same spot, just like how Sizzle was reacted a few months ago! Vet was not happy about it and wanted to do an xRay on his lower back (spine) down to his pelvis area. The xRay was schedule last Wednesday but due to some unforeseen circumstances, it has to reschedule to Monday. I dropped him off early morning with heavy hearted. Since he was born into my hand, I have never leave him apart from the week we went to WAO with Sizzle. Although he doesn't show his affectionate but he is a mummy's boy, he grew to attach to me in his own way which only me can understand and feel that kind of "Sonic love".

Vet cannot find anything wrong with the xRay, in fact, everything looks good and perfect. They did suggested MRI but we can't afford at the moment. We have been through a tough time. I decided to go down the acupuncture route to see if that helps with rest. I have done it with Sizzle and he came back good; so finger crossed Sonic will be the same. 

Sonic has been an angel, either he suddenly got mature or he is in pain and not show up, he is much quieter and calmer indoor. But, he gets angry if I go into the garden without doing agility with him :), so I have not been in the garden at all and Colin take him out for lead walking everyday which makes things easier for me. You know it, they all bullied their mummy :-D

Sonic has his first acupuncture appointment this morning. This is him patiently waiting for his turn at the vet.

there are 10 needles in him!

you probably just about seeing 2 needles in this picture

 I was really amazed how patient and what a good boy he has been. 


corbinwooten said...

Lian, you know I've been thinking about you. Our dogs mean so much to us.

I'm hoping that the rest and acupuncture works for Sonic.

Vonnie said...

Awww poor Sonic, hope it helps him.

Sara said...

Oh Lian, I hope the acupuncture helps Sonic out.

Chris and Ricky said...

I am sorry about Sonic. I know all of this is tough. I hope the acupuncture does the trick!

Diana said...

I sure hope Sonic feels better soon.

Rosie Ison said...

Hi Lian
I would always see a Mctimoney chiropractor with any back problem. They know far more than a vet. When Fozzie "hurt "his leg last year, my vet did X-rays. . It showed nothing. I took him to my lovely chiropractor and it turned out his pelvis and lower back was out and it wasn't his leg after all !! She put everything back right and he has been fine every since.
If Sonic's back is out, it won't show on an X-ray and although acupuncture will ease the pain it wont put things back as they should be.
If you want my chiropractor number please ask.

Rosie x