Friday, August 10, 2012

nothing much happen lately ...

It has been very quiet and yet busy here ... there is not much to report from the dogs, all are good, Sonic is recovering very well, I am looking forward to do more training with him (if I have time!), not sure we are ready to compete in September. 

Here are some photos taken a few weeks ago by the very talented young Rosie of our shelties. Her mum Priscilla came over to stay for a month in the UK to attend her concert; and then they went travel in Germany. In between, Priscilla and Rosie came to visit a couple of times. 

Sing, at the age of nearly 11, always on the go ... you can see all his concentration on his face, so determine but sadly age caught up with him, his catch is not 100% anymore but his energy level never gone down!

 Always agile and loves diving into the water. I wish his son is following his step ...

... nearly ... but not quite a dive :)

but as a good swimmer as his daddy :)

Sing, always smiling :D

 at least, Sonic has his daddy's catching ball skill :)

 Sizzle being his weasel self :)

Saturn is just too cute for words <3 p="p">


Chris and Ricky said...

I always love Rosie's photos of your Shelties!

corbinwooten said...

Glad to see an update from you, Lian.

I'm glad to hear that Sonic is recovering well. Has he been able to get out and run a bit? Lexi is still stuck doing nothing fun.

I really like reading about Sing. I hope Lexi maintains her drive as she gets older.

Vonnie said...

Saturn swoon :) Sing is looking great! Sizzle how did you get that wee mouth so wide LOL! Handsome Sonic!