Thursday, August 02, 2012

chilled puppy but destructive

I was amazed how well behaved Sonic has been since he came back from the vet on Monday. I thought that will be hell out of job to keep this active crazy puppy chilled and quiet. He has been very good at home, I know the problem is me; if I am out in the garden, he wants to play agility or football, so I have not been out in the garden since Monday! Also, I have got Colin to take him out walking. He won't bully his daddy :) He is happily walking on the lead with him without biting his leg or jumping at him biting his arm. If I were to walk him, he demands play. If I ignore him, he will bite my leg and my arm! Bad puppy! Colin suggested we should return him to the breeder! Hahaha ... Oops!

Sonic loves the garden/outdoor very much. This is him chilling in the garden in the morning sun. Picture taken from indoor through the window :)

 Sonic really loves his fuzee ball that I bought from Clean Run. That was his favourite. Whenever he settles down, he always look for the ball and play with it ... even sleep with it still in his mouth. Such a cute puppy. I guess he knew he is not allow exercise and he decided to shred the poor fuzee ball up :(

Result from boredom! I was there but I didn't stop him. I thought poor boy needs to spend his energy somewhere else!

and this is his new toy ... about to tear into pieces! He already chew through most of the fleece but hey, he is too cute to be told off!

Even this interactive toy, he only need less than 30 seconds to go through it :(

the cutest thing about this puppy is whenever the cat is, he would like to be near her! We met some cats at the Vet on Monday, he tried to make friends with them all, he is not that bother about the other dogs that were there.

he even take himself to the soft crate, in hoping that I will do agility with him. Yes, he did associate this crate with Agility :)

 Now, I want puppy to get better!


Sara said...

Sweet puppy!

Hope he can get back to crazy puppy soon.

Chris and Ricky said...

The photo of Sonic falling asleep with the toy in his mouth is so precious! I hope he gets back to his usual self soon!

Rosie Ison said...

What has happened to him ??

corbinwooten said...

Sonic, you are such a good boy to relax!

Love that picture of him sleeping with his toy!

Diana said...

What a cute boy!! Colins remark about returning him to the breeder, was toooo funny!! Get better soon Sonic!

Vonnie said...

Awww Sonic your cute and funny! Get better soon! Return to the Breeder good one LOL!