Saturday, August 25, 2012

a little agility break ... Part 3 Family Reunion

We enjoyed a great Final watching Sing's babies competing. All of them were brilliant, I am so proud of them all. They are all well loved, well taken care of and they have great partnership with their mummies! I can't wait to see them competing in the higher grades! Congratulations to Tig, Skye, Frenzi & Ace and their clever handlers!

As I was lightly competed, I enjoyed sitting by the ringside watching some fellow competitors competing with their dogs and taken some photos. I've realised how much I like my photography and I was dreaming to get one of this lens but sadly for now, I just can't afford one :(  For now, I just have to make do with my 18-200. 

Here are some photos I took of Sing's babies:
Sing x Samber pup - Skye

 Skye and mummy Jolanda having a whisper time before their run

 happy girlie

this is Tig, another Sing x Samber pup, litter sister to Skye

 she is a crazy weaver :-D

 Tig tunnelling

 Tig again

This is handsome Ace, 22 months old, his mama is Rumor, a beautiful and clever tri colour girl, bred by Jayne Bray. A lot of people said to me he looks very much like his daddy, what do you think? 

And this is Ace's litter sister Frenzi, we called her Princess Frenzi. She is very sweet little darling. She loves her agility! Both Frenzi and Ace are a week younger than Silky (Sing x Skye pup). 

The main reason of we going to DiNAS is to see Samber and her puppies. Sadie lives close to the showground and she has been visiting us twice at DiNAS. Sadie is a well loved pet, she has both Sing and Samber's temperament, very sweet and gentle, very clever and LOVES tennis ball. She has such a huge coat, I don't envy her mummy grooming her :)  Sadie also does some fun agility and is loving it!

beautiful Sadie is big sister to Tig and Skye

Samber's girls, Skye is the last born and Sadie is the first born, we have Tig in the middle missing :)

kinda family picture with mama Samber and Brooke missing :) Samber is living with Tig now and she was in the caravan when we took this photo; Princess Brooke was too busy so she couldn't make it. Hopefully, we will have a full family picture next year! Sally and Rhoda take note ;)  LOL

Normally, we throw a little BBQ at a family reunion but sadly, the planning went horribly wrong this year :( At first, we were going; then we are not going; then we went ... so, Chris & Bill (Sadie's mummy and daddy) has other plan. We need to plan it better next year :)

At this trip, I found out all Samber's girls are very much of daddy's girl. Although, their mummies feed them, walk them, train them, basically all the interacting activities with them ... but all they want is their DADDY! How weird! They all want to be their daddy's princess! Just looking at those pictures of the girls and their daddys bring tears in my eyes. What a family!

 Sadie and daddy Bill

 Tig with daddy Paul

 Skye and daddy Joost

This is one Happy Family :)

to be continued

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Vonnie said...

Great pics! Sounds like you had a fab time!