Wednesday, November 04, 2009

another lovely morning walk

After the heavy rain from yesterday, this morning was another sunny but very cold morning! I had to dig out a coat for Samber. She has lost all her coat after she has the puppies and poor Samber only has skin left! Everytime I brushed her, another big chunck of coat coming out.

she wasn't keen with the coat on. I bought this coat for Saturn from China last year when I visited my beloved brother. It is a fleece coat and it will keep her very warm. She was uncomfy and wouldn't want to go away from me but after a while, she realised I am not going to take it off, so she was back to her old bouncy self.

I know I have been posted a lot of Sing playing with his tennis ball photos recently but I cannot resist not posting this one. The expression on his face is priceless!!

... and this crazy water mad dog begging to swim in the dirty pond again!!!

I have to take the ball out to distract him to go on a dry land

now these guys asking for more ball but where is Saturn?
he just want to pose for some handsome photos taking!

my happy boys and girl on the log

I think Sizzle has learned too much from Sing, I have not even chuck a ball into the pond but he saw a leave floating and went in to fetch it, very sweet indeed but OMG! Stinky pond water!

Now, a small bad note from today. I thought all my bad lucks went with yesterday but nope! I took Sizzle into the garden after lunch to practise the pivot turn that we failed to do at Bernadette yesterday. I set Sizzle up in front of the jump and a firework went off. BANG! Again, BANG, BANG, BANG, four times in a row. Which b*****d let go a firework in the bright daylight? You got it. Sizzle ran in the house the fastest he can and he nevers want to go into the garden again. I can't get him out to do his toilet since lunch!! I hope this didn't put him off from agility too!! Arrrrgggghhhhh ... Who invent fireworks?


Macfarlane Dogs said...

I know exactly how you feel Lian, I hate fireworks too!!!

Lets hope little Sizzle hasn't been too scared by it. :)

Vonnie said...

Lovely pics Lian! Stinky Sizzle!

Hoping he has went now! I know blasted things! I'm sure he will be fine, just reassure him the garden is a nice place to be!

Sara said...

Misty hates fireworks too. Sends her off shaking like a leaf. I hope Sizzle gets over the fear quickly.

Great photos of your dogs! As usual.

Diana said...

That happened to me with Miley once too. But the next day she was fine. I hope Sizzle is too. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Fireworks in the middle of the day? Crazy! I hope Sizzle has forgotten all about it today.

As always, I love the photos of the shelties!