Tuesday, November 03, 2009

bad day and a bit of good news

Well, I had quite a bad day today ...

I took all the dogs to the Common on the way to Bernadette for my lesson this morning. Seagull and Titan were wild, they didn't want to come to me when call. I didn't even raise my voice, it was raining and I was desperate to have a quick walk but Seagull just wanted to say hello to all dogs and Titan just wanted to pee on every single grass!!! It is not like them at all. They are generally quite obedient and easy dogs to take out walking.

I parked the car at the car park, put Seagull, Titan, Samber and Sizzle in the boot; Sing the front and realised Saturn was still standing from a distance. I called and he just stand still, not like him at all. He always follow me very closely and has no problem getting him in and out the car but he just wouldn't come. Then I shouted over to him: I am going, bye ... I saw him taking a detour, instead of coming straight back to me, he run into the carpark and take a big cirlce and there came a car. My heart skipped a beat! Luckily the car stop dead. When he came to me, I then to find he rolled in the bl**dy fox poo! YUK! He sure knew he did something very wrong and feel guilty and worried that I am going to tell him off!! So, I have to spend 20 minutes to clean him with baby wipes!! Arrrggghhh ... I don't mind we are going home after the walk but we are heading to Bernadette for our lesson, how annoying!!

The car was very low in petrol. The petrol prices is very high in our area, nearly £1.10/litter. I remembered seeing a small petrol station on the way to Bernadette which is reasonably cheap (then). I was hoping I can make it through the petraol station with 2 gallons left. If there is no hold up traffic, I should be safe, so worried all the way and finally got this cheaper petrol (96.9) at Bolney Village. Phew! Safe!

Got to Bernadette, just in time, and the sky turns grey! Got Sizzle out quick, hopefully we can get a bit more done before the rain comes. Did a jumping sequence, I thought I can work him with not a big problem but it turned out to be we were no good at all. He didn't understand the pivot turn, he kept going around to take the next jump; then the wrong end of the tunnel which I can't be there to call him off ... oh dear! Before we can make it perfect, the rain got heavy, we have to run into the house! After a nice cup of tea, the rain didn't stop but got heavier and the wind picked up, so we have to call it a day! I hope we can work on that jumping sequence next week!

The rain was so heavy, at some part, I could hardly see the road when I was on M23, so I have to slow down to 30mph! The traffic was ok, so we got back to Coulsdon without any delay. As with all six wet shelties in the car, it got steamy, so I roll down a jar on my window. I was waiting on a temperory light at Beddington Lane (an industrial area), there comes a big commercial lorry in speed, guess what? I didn't see there was a big puddle on the other side of the road, so you got it! The filty smelly dirtly water splash all over me!!! How stupid!!! That moment, I just wished I can jump in the bath immediately!!

Luckily I got home within 10 minutes, bath Saturn and bath myself, so we both smell nice and clean!

I thought that was the end of a bad day but nope! I pop into Sainsbury on the way to pick up Colin this evening. Just want to stock up few bits. I picked up two reduced items, one didn't scan the reduced amount, I didn't know at the time so I have to go to the Customer service to ask for a refund. I stood there waited for more than 15 minutes, there were a couple in front of me. I asked them if they knew anybody there and the lady told me the guy went to fetch somebody. After a few minutes, I saw the guy came back. I do not know what was their problem, it took ages, another 10 minutes has passed. There were a few people behind me, waiting impatiently and yet the guy still do something looks alien to me. There were so many other stuff around but no one want to serve us. I only want 49p refund! I got very angry waiting for 20 minutes and still not been served, then this lady behind me push pass me to jump the queue. Hey, I nearly punched her!!

Grrrrrrr ...

On the other hand, Sing played ball with me in the lounge after I came back from Sainsbury!! WooHoo!!!! I was worried about him last night. He looked very firghtened and unsettle when he came in the lounge last night. Usually, he march in like a trooper but since the accident, he was very careful, a bit too careful, I don't know if there is anything that spook him. I didn't over play with him, I am hoping to build that back slowly.

Sing's smile always melt my heart


Vonnie said...

Oh dear one of those days! Sorry Lian, I had to laugh at the "water" incident! Good to hear Sing back to his ole self. Titan and Seagul misbehaving tut tut!

Sara said...

Glad to hear Sing is doing better.

Boy what a day you had. I think maybe you should have just stayed in bed today!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

What a horrible day! How frustrating everything was! I am so relieved though that Saturn was not hit by the car and that Sing did play ball with you!

Diana said...

Wow, what a rough day. I hope tomorrow is sunny and happy. Diana

Dawn said...

Maybe you got all the bad stuff out of the way this week! LOL! So glad nobody got hurt!