Wednesday, November 25, 2009

just a few photos

We were very lucky to have a few hours of lovely sunshine so I can take the boys (and girl of course) for a walk. It is a shamed that I cannot do a long walk with them. Sing is still looking stiff and a little tired after the massage on Sunday. His hind legs are less agile, I guess this is due to the tightness of his back end, hopefully he will look better in the next couple of days. Eventhough he is stiff and tired but his mind is very active. He still bring me a ball, how can I tell my boy that he is not allow a ball game for a while?
my very special handsome boy
I just loved this photo of Sizzle chasing the crow, so close yet so far!
this little mischievious is looking out for more crows
my neoghbour repaired the blown down fence from last week a couple of days ago but it didn't last, after a stormy night, this morning we woke up with two fences blown down!


Vonnie said...

How handsome is Sing! & he knows it! :)

Look at wee Sizzle go, powerhouse!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sorry about your fence again!

Your photos are great - especially Sizzle (of course)! Wish I could come over and play with him!