Wednesday, November 18, 2009

who said you cannot teach an OLD dog a NEW trick?

So, Sing is still waiting for his first treatment, Sara has got the referral from my vet, we have arranged for Sara to come and "sort" him on Sunday! I just can't wait to make him feel better. Sing is an easy dog to live with but he is also an active dog, he loves his ball so much, he is constantly searching for a tennis ball in the house and in the garden. I have hide most of the balls on sight but he is just too clever, he always found one and bring it to me.
I thought I will think of some tricks to teach him instead, hopefully that will take his mind off the ball. Over the years, I have taught him most of the tricks and he knew them well. I have run out of trick ideas!
I am a Silvia Trkman fan, I think she is fabulous, I just loved her and her dogs. Her running contacts are awesome and I like her trick ideas. She always make them look so easy. I found this little video very enjoyable. Sing knew most of the tricks other than HUG and walk backward and put the hind legs on something.
Yesterday, I decided I will teach him HUG ...

From the video above, I have noticed Sing loves to use his paw and now I know these two little guy below must have inherited from their father:

Zap at 3 weeks

Skye at 2.5 weeks

Now, the youngster's turn:

You must wondering why Sing and Sizzle kept lying down in front of the Allyoop? Well, I used the Allyoop to teach them "send away" (means go away and touch the stick and lie down until I released you). These boys are too clever, they think they know everything when they see the object! Hahaha ... I love shelties!


Sara said...

Silvia Trkman is amazing. She is doing seminars in North carolina soon, and how I wish I lived closer! I would love to go.

Sara said...

I loved your videos of your boys learning to hug. Sizzle really got the idea!

I'm going to try that trick with my two.

Saturn reminds me of Misty.

Vonnie said...

Clever boys! Doesn't take a Sheltie long to get the hang of it! Loved the vids!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That is so cute! Mom loves Sizzle so much (sorry she is so partial to him) but all three did such a good job learning hug! Guess what I'll be doing later today I bet!