Monday, November 30, 2009

this one for Ricky

This post is for Ricky
Ricky asked me how is Samber's ears ... Well, Samber's ears are very stubborn and they have been left prick for too long. When I got her, she was about 17/18 months and both ears were very stiff to bend over.
After the puppies left for their new homes, I started treated the ears with some strong grease with the help of kaolin & poultice. The ears will stay tip when the kaolin & poultice is on. I am hoping with the long term help of kaolin & poultice will eventually tip her ears. Samber's ears were looking good until we have this wet weather. Once her ears get wet, the kaolin & poultice will wear off and her ear will go up.
So, Ricky, we are still trying.


Vonnie said...

Right one looking nearly there!

Love the new picture! Handsome Sizzle!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I had never heard of kaolin poultice until you talked about it and Jolanda mentioned you all use it for Skye. I just wondered if you were having any luck since I thought Samber would be too old now to get the tipped ears. She is cute either way though, and I hated the ear taping as a puppy and it didn't work on me any way. Good luck and thanks for the special post for me :)

Sara said...

She looks kinda like Oreo ear up, one ear down.