Friday, November 13, 2009

Bionic Biotic

I think I finally found something that is settling Sizzle's funny tummy, finger crossed and touch wood! We have been on Bionic Biotic (concentrate) for three weeks now, he has been good and full of energy. There was one day that he had a bad tummy, that was entirely my fault, I gave him something that upset his tummy, otherwise, he is good. I want to say thank you to Nikki who first told me about it but I ignored her. Her sheltie Star also has sensitive tummy and he is on Bionic Biotic as supplement in his meal. When Nikki told me a few months ago, I was confused. I had tried every options and everything with Sizzle but nothing has help to improve his tummy problem and I wasn't keen to try new thing then. Then, just recently I emailed Nikki to ask her about Star and she once again mentioned to me Bionic Biotic ... I have a good thought about it and decided to order a free sample from the website to try. Due to postal strike, the sample didn't arrive. Then, Yvonne sent me this. After I read the story and decided I will give it a try as I had tried so many stuff before and there is no harm trying more, hopefully I will find one that would help settle his sensitive stomach.
I put a small tea spoon of Bionic Biotic mixing with Sizzle's meal, he is on this supplement for three weeks now and I have been watching him like a hawk. The first two days after I feeding him the Bionoc Biotic, his toilet was bad. Not only he has diarrhoea but it was bloody and I found two blood clots stuck on his knicker. This was the first time I saw some blood clots hanging on his bum so I quickly taken a back. I wasn't sure if I should continue or stop. I know when we try something new, you always give 24-48 hours to let the stuff get into your system. On the 3rd day, he didn't look miserable so I decided I will continue for a week to see what happen. I am glad I continue and I am very happy with the result so far. Sizzle has been back to his oldself, happy, bouncy and full of life.

I have entered the North Downs show tomorrow. I was so much looking forward to it until the last two days. As Sizzle only just came out to compete in late September (just right at the end of agility season) and I wanted to get him out as much as I can to get used to competitions but for some reason, I feel very uneasy for the last couple of days and this is the first time I don't feel like I want to go to an agility show! I must be mad!!!
Also, poor Sing is still not 100% fit yet. I have been resting him for 5-6 weeks now and he is still not looking perfectly fit to do agility or flyball.


Diana said...

Good luck this weekend and Im glad Sizzle is doing well. Diana

Nat said...

Glad that the Bionic Biotic is working! Have fun tomorrow.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Glad to know something is helping Sizzle's tummy! Pumpkin has been doing a good job of that for me fortunately! But sorry to hear Sing is still not 100%!

Good luck this weekend!

Vonnie said...

Good to hear Sizzle is doing well on the Bionic Biotic! Wait and see how you feel in the morning and take if from there! Good luck if you go!