Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I wanted a heated indoor school!

I wanted a heated indoor school that I can train my dogs whenever I like. I am getting very fedup with the weather, don't mind the cold but the wet + cold is very miserable and my garden is not big enough for me to set up a sequence I want to practise. We have a very long garden, 180 foot but with limited width. I guess all I can practise is a straightline sequence, so no excuse if my dogs cannot do the "go on"!!
I finally finished uploading all the videos Colin has taken on the training day, that were not many. Colin tried to hide in the car because it was very cold especially when you are not running. It is a shamed that he didn't film all of our exercises, I would love to see the mistakes I made again and again so I can improve.
The first video of Sizzle is the jumping sequence, as you can see my plan didn't work out at all; the one from Saturn is the way Toni would handle with large dogs, I supposed that suits Saturn as he has quite a long stride:


Vonnie said...

Woohoo boys, your so clever! & the handler too!

Oh how great would that be a heated barn!

Nat said...

Wow they're such great little dogs! I would also LOVE to have an indoor school.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yes, we are lucky to have an indoor school and we really appreciate the heat in winter and the air conditioning in the summer. We are spoiled!

I enjoyed seeing the video of Sizzle and Saturn!

Sara said...

Heat is good. Our school has heat, but it is LOUD! We often have to turn it off when the dogs are running, because they don't like the noise it makes.

Fun training video. Looks like a great day. How funny that Saturn was going under the jump bar. Was he creating a new obstacle skill :)