Monday, November 30, 2009

rainy blue

It has been raining almost non-stop over here for the last few days but knowing me and Colin, we still walk the dogs no matter what the weather is like; so you can imagine we all covered in mud everytime we come home! Yesterday was the worst of all, we were totally soak but the dogs were happy! Weird animal!
Training wise ... can't do anything in the garden, with the rain and wind, the willow tree leafs cover the garden and I have been unable to go out to clean up the dog mess, so I don't fancy stepping on the dog mess!! Also, the lawn needs mowing but it is too wet to do so! Due to the high wind we have recently, I put most of the equipment aside, look like we are not going to do anything in the garden for a while!

a very wet garden!!

Sing is starting to look better, at least I can see he is less stiff. I wasn't keen to put a coat on my dogs, I think they look rather silly with it but after talking to Sara last Sunday while she was treating Sing, I agreed with her to give Sing a coat to keep his muscle warm in this cold weather. I bought a waterproof coat for him. Someone I train with has one for her JRT and it looks very good on him, so I decided to order a 4oz coat for Sing. The coat arrived on Thursday. We went out walking with it on Friday and Sing didn't seems to mind which surprised me. I also take Sara's advise to give Sing his warm up massage before taking him out walking. I am so please to see Sing feels much livelier!

Still no ball for Sing but he found a ball in my jacket pocket!

Sing showing off his new coat. I am very happy with this coat, the outside is waterproof material and the inside is soft & warm moleskin. We went out walking yesterday in the pouring rain for more than an hour and Sing's body is dry when we got home! I since went to order five more for the other dogs!

Samber's coat is starting to grow again after she has her babies. I am surprise that she looks more Golden now!

Thought I would post this photo of Seagull, he looks very cute in the pile of falling leafs


Sara said...

I put coats on my dogs when its very cold/wet out. They don't seem to mind at all.

Sing looks very handsome in his new coat!

Diana said...

Im glad Sing is feeling better. We have had lots of wet weather too. My dogs wont go for a walk if its pouring out there.
ALl your pictures look so cute. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Mom never thought about a coat for me (I'm not so happy that you gave her the idea - lol!) Sing does look nice and warm and dry in his. Glad to know he is feeling better!

I have been meaning to ask you if you are still working on getting Samber's ears to tip? Are they glued in the photo? They look perfect!

Vonnie said...

Oh, meant to say Sambers ears looking good in the pic! :)

Vonnie said...

Titan looks so small in this pic!

Sing looks handsome in his jacket. Now, you know why I put jackets on them in the wet, brill when you get home and you just have to dry their legs.

Brill pic of Seagul, he looks so content!